Saturday, September 4, 2010

dear diary : new theraphy ;)

i'm searching for solution to overcome my depressive it!! (at least i can put aside my sadness & stop being confused)

...makes myself busy...
:: grooming my home ::
:: new bed sheet ::
:: new deco ::
:: laundry service ::
:: cook...oh dear..i love cook...but i'm in diet..heh!! ::
:: youtube~all about korea ::
:: searching for new drama series to become a follower..heh!! :: it!!

1st shop of coffee prince
oh dear...i love this drama series so much...heee
 :: sweet, fun, childish, crazy ::

thank you ANIMAX 715 ;)

The drama is a love story between a tomboyish woman pretending to be a man with her boss (the coffee house owner). She worked as a waitress, food deliverer, etc at the coffee house cos she has the responsibility of taking care of her mother and younger sister. She pretends to be a man cos all of the other staffs are men..(biasela nk buat cerite kan..heh!!) . the interesting part, when she fall in love with the owner..jeng jeng jeng...maka timbulla mcm2 isu & konflik..ditambah tolak darab bahagi dgn part yg sweet2 (i yg declare as the sweetssssssss part..heh!!) It contains "pseudo-homosexual" elements, because the owner of the coffee house does not initially know of the tomboyish woman's true sex.

i mmg suke dgn "sweet" drama, movie..heee....seronok skit nk berangan...hero mmg handsome gile tapi perangai agak poyo skit...heroin, tomboy tapi sebenanye comel (korean mmg sume comel kot..heee) tapi jiwa lembut...mmg bestla lyn...gelak sorg2 nangis sorg2...berangan sorg2...okla kan...recover from tears skit..i hope so

to my dear dina : my bday present, i tk memandang wang ringgit...
cukup sekadar DVD for this series..alhamdulillah...heeee
(tk paksa tapi sgt mengharap..hahahahahahha)



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