Monday, September 20, 2010

dear diary : ...lucky...

:: not all inclusive..heh!! :: acik & busu, raya kampung their hubby first ::

eid mubarak, the right time to be surrounded with my wonderful families ;) get closer with each other...updates new stories + gossips...heh!! share tears & happiness ;) forgiveness & sincerity of it ;)

:: hug :: love :: laugh ::

rewang2 masak session till my nenek timah's kitchen jadik tongkang family are so louds :: laugh :: talk :: louds...everybody eagerly wanna share their stories...lots of emotion & happy go lucky version...heh!! mcm2 ada...our neighbours need to be more patient when we're around...sorry nenek kaya, busu mila, atok brahim...

i've told you...we talk lots..laugh louds ;)

we love foods ;) nenek timah the best cook ever..mama, mak ngah, busu & acik :: pewaris terbaik...cucu2 :: me, dina, diyanah, mira, mia, rania :: learning to be just like them...when i'm in malacca :: diet will be out of my could you avoid all those marvellous foods :: marble cake, chicken kari, mee kari, bbq, etc..gosh!! no way..heee...ramadhan i was i'm 52kg..heh!!

:: eat :: food :: chubby ::

looking my cousins..oh dear!! they're growing up...taller &  matured

colourful :: different characters :: different style ::

the heroes :: suara dh macho

:: the darls :: more girlish...gadis melayu..heh!!

the cute generation ;)

alhamdulillah, i'm feeling lucky for having such a wonderful families surround me...always makes me smile, laugh & happy  deep inside my heart ;) very supportive & encouraging ;)

always counting days to be by your side, my dear family ;)


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