Tuesday, September 21, 2010

dear diary : girls' day out ;)

still the holiday mode (my story) heh!! lyn jekla k..i'm so in a mood ;) last friday, my schedule was full of activities..heh!! (cam YB pulak i rase..hahaha) early in a morning, i had a date with my lovely sis..hihihi....@ jabatan imigresen melaka...lokasi yg teramat romantik..heh!! applied for a pasport for her (one step ahead for a great vacation..sooner!!) after subuh, we both dh terpacak dpn office imigresen (we thought, we were the first in a row..but then, number 1098 (fuh!! such a lucky number...heh!!) while waiting for our turn...there's a few flatscreen tv hang around the space...tv pon ntah ape2 cerite jekla yg ade pg2 buta kan...boring!! ape lagik, we acted like a spy...observed every single person surround us..heh!!

1)    yg bdk2 kecik merengek2 bosan (yela kedai runcit pon tkde...nk beli air kotak pon tkleh..heh!!)

2)   2-3 persons, who're trying to potong the queue..heh!! merayu2 dpn kaunter with lots of reason...mmg sahla tk dpt peluang..harap maaf..kesian

3)   the staffs suddenly, pinned up a notice : HARAP MAAF, PASPORT TIDAK DAPAT SIAP PADA HARI INI KERANA MASALAH TEKNIKAL YANG AMAT DIKESALI...SEKIAN, TERIMA KASIH...oh my gosh!! they dont even announced it to the public...setakat pin up the notice kire dh cukup ke?? how bout warga emas yg buta huruf @ foreigner yg tk paham bahasa melayu sepatah pon?? mesra pelanggan...heh!!

me & sis geleng kepala jekla...gosh!! our turn...long way to go..another 40persons...heh!! whatelse can we do?? ape lagik, skodeng newspaper org sebelah..take a look at the headlines...heh!! once again..latest news bout sosilawati...16 wild dogs attacked her & the others three...scary!! other topic :: norman hakim hutang hartaran..oh gosh!! masuk paper ke?? haiya!! (yg kitorg skodeng tu paper harian metro...so paham2 jekla k..hee)

we kept on repeating the same activies till it's come to our turn..yeah!! finally...settled around 1.30pm...we're so starving ok..fuh!!

terus pecut to mahkota parade for some surprise...yeah!! i loike ;)

here we come!!
 my SEOUL garden ;)
me & my sis had planned for it for so long..finally, we managed to be there


my sis,who's responsible to introduce me into the SePeT world..heh!! i'm so in love with the foods as well..healthy & fresh & buffet style ;) you know what.....this is the only time for me to feel as a princess...ditatang bagai minyak yg penuh oleh my sis...(selalu i jek yg terperap kt dapur...die sengih2 jek nengok i masak...heh!!) this time, she's the one who cooked for me..served for me...oh dear..awesome!!

my chef of the day :: in action  ;)

muke ketat mode..hahahaha

while, we were crazily tasting all the marvellous foods, my phone was ringing
guess who??

mama called...just got back from school & kind of bored cos ayah went out for solat jumaat..so, no one at home...
ape lagik..."mama, come & join us, please!!"
so, we need to go for a second round...hahahahhaa....i'm so fulled..heh!!

mama in action ;)

:: us ::

after lunch & seoul in me...its time for "window" shopping...yeah!!
looking for something for mama's upcoming bday...hmm!!
quite tough...heh!!
but, we've got an idea :: a leather purse FOSSIL (mama's fav)

back home :: tv session with ayah
nite :: punggah2 session...heh!!
we wanna make a surprise to mama, since mama slept early that night while we're enjoying our tv session..heh!!, we asked ayah to punggah all mama's stuffs in her old purse, transfered it to the new one...heh!! lots of business cards, membership cards, small notes & etc..no wonder, mama always complained bout her purse..too small & etc...heh!!
kad klinik kt larkin, jb ( we moved to malacca, anyway) still tersimpan dlm purse...camne tk berat & chubby purse tu...mamaku oh!! mamaku

so, we organised it back...put aside the unneeded cards..taraaaaa
completed ;)

bedtime ;)
cn blue :: love light (lagu dodoi tuk tido..heh!!)
tq sis for downloading the song ;)

simple & sweet moment ;)


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