Tuesday, August 31, 2010

dear diary : ...alone...

People always says that " i'm always be there for you..u're not alone"
The fact is :: i've got to deal it by myself ::

For their infos , i didn't ask them to solve my problems...
but when you said "i'm always by your side"...how mean are you ?? 

In the end of the day, i've got to face it..ALONE...
sometimes they come @ they will truly be there for you..BUT, right after i've 100% recover from tears...

no matter how many people out there who cares about me
i still have to be alone
...keep on arguing, discussing, brainstorming with my own mind, body, soul...


 :: more secretive ::
:: daydreamer ::
:: extra careful ::
:: more sentisitive ::
:: too perfect ::
:: silent ::


don't have much to say..
Don't know what kinda mood I'm having now..
Just want to be alone..
at last, I'M ALONE..tq

Ya Allah...please give me a sign...
...i'm not the well humanbeing...
i promise you, Ya Allah...i'm in the process to be the good one
please dont leave me alone
at least i know that Allah always be here, listen to me
give me strength..
so that i can be more patient...feel the calmness of life


Monday, August 30, 2010

dear diary :: sweet :: simple :: meaningful ;)

early this morning, i'd received something very 
 :: sweet :: simple :: meaningful ::
unexpectedly ;) 

thank you very much


...for always be there for me...
i'm so grateful to have all of you as my family

 :: full of surprises ::
:: full of loves ::
:: irreplaceable ::


dear diary : ...silent mode...

:: silent mode ::

...is the key to think rationally...
...is the way to motivate yourself...
...is the only way you can be in your comfort zone...
...is when you can feel the :: sadness, pain, joy, confused, weird, happiness ::
...is the only time when people never knows that you are exist...
...you can be in your imagination, searching for the wonderful moments, you wish you could have...
...is the right time to get closer to Allah...ask for helps, answers, blessing...

...in my own personal comfort zone...

...need to be 100% alone...



i'm waiting for you to be by my side
my dear SePeT


dear diary : blew me away :: over the rainbow ;)

Somewhere, over the rainbow, way up high
There's a land that I heard of, once in a lullaby

Somewhere, over the rainbow, skies are blue

And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true

Someday I'll wish upon a star and

Wake up where the clouds are far behind me

Where troubles melt like lemon drops away

Above the chimney tops, that's where you'll find me

Somewhere, over the rainbow, bluebirds fly

Birds fly over the rainbow, why then, oh, why can't I?

If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow

Why, oh, why can't I?


dear diary : blew me away :: a short journey ;)

Oh Baby say goodbye Oh jamsiman Goodbye annyeongiran maleun jamsi jeobeodulge
Jeo muneul yeolgoseo han geoleum naemilmyeon ko ggeuteuro jeonhaejineun neoui sumgyeol
Chagaun geu baram soke ddaddeuthan neoui songili handongan nama itneungeol
Ontong geudae heunjeoki nunmuli doeeo nae dubbyam wie meomuneungeol
Jamsi dongan yeohaengeul ddeona gaseum apeun sangcheo dakka naegoseo
Sigan heulreo geudael mannamyeon bogo sipeotda nege malhaejulge

Oh Baby say goodbye Oh jamsiman Goodbye annyeongiran maleun jamsi jeobeodulge
Jeo muneul yeolgoseo han geoleum naemilmyeon ko ggeuteuro jeonhaejineun neoui sumgyeol
Geureohge ddo haega jigo dali ddeuneun oneul yeoksi byeonhami eobneunde
Oh wae jagguman nae mameum ireohge bbareuge dalrajineunji
Paran haneul dalmeun geudaeui moseubeun eoneu saenga bireul naerigo
Ibitsoke momi jeojeumyeon heureuneun nunmul ddawon gamchwodulge Yeah~

Oh Baby say goodbye Oh jamsiman Goodbye annyeongiran maleun jamsi jeobeodulge
Jeo muneul yeolgoseo han geoleum naemilmyeon ko ggeuteuro jeonhaejineun neoui sumgyeol
Jinan sigan neomu eoriseokeotdeon nae meotdaeroyeotdeon
Geureon nae moseub modu gamssajwotdeon nega neomu sojunghangeol
Oh Baby say goodbye Oh jamsiman Goodbye annyeongiran maleun jamsi jeobeodulge
Jeo muneul yeolgoseo han geoleum naemilmyeon ko ggeuteuro jeonhaejineun neoui sumgyeol
Oh Baby say Goodbye Oh jamsiman Goodbye naega itdeon geu jariro dolagalge
Jeo muneul yeolgoseo han geoleum naemileo bogo sipdeon ne ape seolsu itdorok
Neol saranghaetdeon inaemami neol narabwatdeon nae dununi gidarilge


Sunday, August 29, 2010

dear diary : sunshine or rain ;)

:: sunshine couldn't be by your side all the time...the rain will be there for you too...therefore, life will be more colourful...it's up to you to deal with all those things...i'm trying so hard to be stronger days by days...Ya Allah!! please give me the strength ::

Sometimes i think, i'm such a LOSER...

Sometimes i think i wanna go far far away from here...cause i think i could find who, what i'm looking for out there...

Sometimes i think i wanna shop till i drop...

Sometimes i think i need more colours in my life to cheer me up...

Sometimes i think i've reached up to the limit...till i give up to search for the answer...

Sometimes i think i dont even know what am i looking for...its confusing!!

Sometimes i think i'm tired to give the same answer for the same question...

Sometimes i think i'm wondering, where are you??...i'm clueless...


i need to save my life
before it's too late

2011 - I need a break...far far away from here
2012 - thinking bout my future...far far away from here

 could it be???

I WILL..no matter what

...Ya Allah!! restui setiap tindakanku ini..amin...

...so which one should i choose ??
hmm...i think i need the combination of sunshine and rain...
:: sunshine + rain = colours of my life ::

...i'm still waiting for you to be by my side...
my dear SePeT

...i'm watching HITCH...could i find the answer???...


Saturday, August 28, 2010

dear diary : how do i look :: full of colours

spends a holiday (friday) and a weekend alone..oh dear, it's killing me..heh!! i need to do something to cheer up my life...last tuesday, i dont have a chance to celebrate my bday (sounds so childish..heh!!) but hey!! i'm just wanna have a normal life, same as others..i have a right to be childish, i can be matured, i can be tough, i can be a sweet darl, i can have a mixture of any character (as long as i'm not pretending to be someone else..it's just ME)...well, it's time to spoilt myself...give a reward for having a busiest working days...HEY part 01, your last crit session was awesome..seems like you're ready for the submission this tuesday (merdayka??) kt studio la jawabnye..heh!!

yesterday, i woke up early in the morning, i'd an apoointment for car service...heh!! raya nk jln jauh..so servis kereta, is a MUST..heh!! while waited for the car service..i was thinking of something that might makes my day...hmmm...where could i go in ipoh..heh!!!! okla, shopping should be great..heh!!

shopping will be the non stop session for me..(statement yg agak bahaya...heh!!) but this time, i was trying to find something for my bday reward...wanna know what i'd found out...the beautiful, colourful long dress...gosh!! i'm so in love with this long dress...

  it's so retro style..love it!! i know summer is almost over but hey!! in perak, summer will be in here all the time..but i won't wear this in perak...
people might think i'm insane..heh!!

i terase poyo jugakla dgn gamba2 tersebut...perasan mcm model ok..heh!!
but then, penat i snapped all those photos so i letak jekla ok..kalo u all mcm geli geleman jek nengok...pejam mate jekla...bg i berangan sorg2..heh!!


no matter what, i still love this long dress a lot...oh dear!! i need a vacation...click for airsasia & MAS website........arrgghhh!!! so many places to visit..when will i find the one fine day for this...my dear SEOUL, you'll be the first choice...dina, are you ready?? ok, insaf for awhile, nomore shopping..heh!! simpan duit for a vacation ;)

...here's the other side of me...
i love

:: fashion ::
:: colours ::
:: design ::

...i do what i love to do...no matter what people might say about it...as long as i know my limit and won't hurt anybody's feeling and i'm happy with it...
..people out there, express yourself..
feels free to do whatever you like..but, knows the limit...jgn terpesong sudah ;)


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

dear diary : proud to be malaysian ;)

last weekend before i went back to perak, i pon terpanjang akal tuk singgah ke OU for the last shopping maniac session..heh!! why am i in KL last weekend?? hmm...will let you know in the next entry k...

once i've arrived, i went to roxy first, bought a new handbag for my sis (semangat nk berkerja..heee) then i when to diva, bought accessories...hee..no matter how crazy i was during the shopping session, all  of a sudden i jadi insaf when i noticed a beautiful setting at the courtyard of OU...the malaysian identity which i adore so much...the "kampung" ambience with the beautiful "pondok2 kayu", paddy field, the handcraft..gosh, i love everything...i'd spent for an hour, sat at the corner, think & appreciate the beauty of malaysian identity...snapped few photos

here's the kampung style, where could you find something like this?? susah dh skarang ni



oh dear, 2 thumbs up for OU for having an effort to introduce malaysian identity to the cosmopolitan people..some of the parents, told their children about the handcraft, told their kids about paddy & rice...really adore them...

:: me ::

 i bought the batik artworks...6 pieces of it..hmm..it's time to design something ;)


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

dear diary : addicted to korean ;)

pengakuan penting & muktamad :: i'm so in love with korean

bibit percintaan ini bermula pada bulan mei yg lalu, pabila si adik (dina shaharum) secara tk sengaja membuka dvd FULLHOUSE di laptop nya sehingga saya pon terjebak menonton siri romantik komedi berkenaan..lakonan mantoppss RAIN BI...sanggup bersengkang mata sampai kul 4am duk layan cerita ni...menangis sampai separuh kotak tisu PREMIER abis dihumban dlm tong sampah..heh!!

setelah itu, saya jadi lebih ketagih..setiap hari, menatap YOUTUBE (masa tu dh siap marking paper & key in marks) so mmg lenggang mak limahla kan..heh!! bukak youtube, layan lagu2 korea

 :: yang menjadi kegilaan sampai kini ::

(harap maaf, list lagu di atas sume adalah lagu RAIN BI..heh!!)

kemudian saya terjebak tuk jatuh cinta pd lagu2 SUPERJUNIOR juga

SORRY SORRY (baru nk lyn...hahaha)
BABY SAYS GOOD BYE (tk tau tajuk..tapi korus slalu dok ulang yg ni..hahahahha)

CN BLUE i love them too..creative & funky

dan lagu2 yg sewaktu dgnnya..heh!!

almost 4months i dh tk dengar radio lagik..since my bro perkenalkn MP3 player..so masuk kete layan MP3 player yg semuanya lagu2 korea..cuma 2 3 kerat jek lagu2 melayu & english..heh!!

channel tv 303 :: channel yg wajib tuk saya tonton setiap hari

monday :: music bank
tuesday :: entertainment weekly
wednesday :: golden bell challenge
thursday :: happy together
friday :: music bank lagik

2 drama series yg i wajib nengok skarang ni

i'm your teacher

1st shop of coffee prince

loving korean :: i'm feeling happy for being myself

you know why, korean, awet muda sentiasa (even some of them, crazily get involved with plastic surgery to keep young..heh!!) i ckp berkenaan dgn yg natural side la ok..makanan mmg healthy food sahaja..salmon, vege, fuh!! mmg superb!! so u tk jeles ke nengok, makcik kt tv 303 tu boleh berjalan laju & steady jek cam heidi klum..hahahaha..walaupon dh 65yeaars old dh makcik tu ok..fuhh!! sentap sgt!!
...korean suke sgt ketawa, senyum...most of the time, buat lawak jek ok..so manela tk awet muda..

so i amik keputusan to change my lifestyle,
being more healthy
young forever
happy always
miss fit
dumbell routine everyday

i've change my fashion interest as well..hee..

still learn to develop it for muslimin approach ;)
tq my darl, for being my shopping partner last weekend
...i love those korean dress..lots ;)

the conclusion : being in love with korean, really change me, for me it changes me to be in a better life (dont worry, i know u might think i'm in a dreaming world)...no worries k, i masih berpijak di bumi yg nyata..i'm learning & taking the good things from korean that i think might give a new hope in me & makes me happy ;)

:: my only hope ::
KOREA, here i come, soon!!

i know few korean words as well

aniyahasayo : greeting people
kamsahamida : tq
oppa : abg (perempuan panggil lelaki lebih tua)
hyeung : abg (lelaki panggil lelaki lebih tua)
 (sgtla sedih...setakat 2 3 perkataan pon nk kecoh..hahahaha)
at least taula jugak...heh!!


dear diary : i'm officially 27th!!

24th august ~ my birthday...and i'm a virgo darl ;)

for this year, i'm officially 27th babe!! do i still need a birthday party?? hahaha..too matured for that..for my birthday, i'm wishing to :: be happy as i am :: stay healthy and always be miss fit :: full of loves~tq my family, my BFFs, my friends, my students for keep on giving me love without fail :: my dear SEPET, i'm waiting for you ::

alhamdulillah, since last night till now, i've received 123 bday wishes..tq tq tq tq tq so much for such a sweet & meaningful wishes from all of you..tq for accepting me as part of your life ;)

the most memorable moment for today, this morning, while i was busy setting up the lcd projector with my lappy for today's lecture (part one)..suddenly, the whole class was silence...kind of weird cos usually, they were non-stop talking and talking and talking till i asked them to be silence...heh!!

tetibe, berkumandang suara2 lunak my student in the whole tec214: "cik nadya"~ selamat hari jadi..selamat hari jadi..selamat hari jadi tuk miss nadya...selamat hari jadi...

oh dear part 01, so sweet of you...reminded me to my childhood..hee...so, i can always be forever 21 if till my 27th bday pon, i can still hear the bday song..sweet!! hee

no matter how matured i wanna be, i'm having the childish side of me that keep on pushing me to ask for a birthday cake..a slice of it, more than enough...anyone wanna offer me for a slice of choc cake?? hee...

i'm sure, takde org yg sudi nk bazir duit semata2 nk melayan kerenah i yg childish ni kan..so i pon belila sendiri choc cake for myself..heh!!

secret recipe, so far away from my place..malas gile nk pergi..heh!!
so i bought this choc cake kt bazaar ramadhan ( i fall in love with a lil boy who was helping her mom at this gerai..heee..sgt2 rajin ok...bleh buat menantu..hahahaha)kuih2 mmg sedap kt gerai tu..
this cake..not bad la..
dont compare it with choc fudge secret recipe la kan..melampau sgt...

this weekend, will treat myself for the real birthday heaven dessert..yum yum...heh!! (oh dear i'm in diet)

ID1C, after ID's class, after dh kene bebel, they can still shows the happy faces..janji keje siap..heh!!

...i've lost 5kgs..yes!! my aim : successfully achieved
:: miss nady :: miss fit ::


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

dear diary : explorace @ extra tired..heh!!

yesterday's program : IDXPLORACE 2010...it's a good effort from ID Department, to form us as a family...have a great relationship better lecturers and students...seniors and juniors...etc...getting close with each other and learn to develop the communication skills and learn to work in a team, learn about leadership...all the objectives are really good to bring the unity in ID world...

it's remind me when i was studied in uitm s.alam (when i was a PART 01 students~diploma) back to June 2001...there's the BRAINSTORM event for every thursday...handled by our seniors..lots of program had been organised (games actually)...it's develop our creativities and we learned how to be more confident and get the opportunity to get close with our seniors..cos in university, u cant aspect your lecturers will give you everything...you need to search for the knowledge..lecturer just give you the guides..so the best references after lecturer and books, will be the seniors...

back to IDXPLORACE, 2 thumbs up for the efforts and enjoyment..however, the organiser need to be more well organised after this (part 03 this sem, get ready for next sem k)..it's ok, i can understand that they'd been given this task for last minute from IDEAS...but still managed to organise it..that's can be consider as a good job...since this is the 1st time it had been held..ok..GOOD JOB PART 04!! i'm personally think that, it's the way for me to get close to my students...get to know them in person..not only as a student in class but their characters as well..

actually it's the MENTOR MENTEE's program...lecturer as MENTOR while students as the MENTEEs...however, i'm not really satisfied with the group arrangement..cos they had been divided into PART..so if you're the PART 01 student, you'll be in PART 01 group only with your MENTOR...i think they need to mix it up..so that, lecturers and students can be more closer and get to know each other better..eventhough they're not in the same batch...the juniors and seniors can build their relationship..easier for them to ask for helps & etc..anyway...cant comment more bout it cos yg uruskn susunan group ni lecturer jugak..heh!! so terima aje seadanye ok..heh!!

masing2 kelihatan poyo menyusun strategi tuk menang..heh!!

ucapan perasmian dr lecturer paling popular : en azizul

first games : jigsaw puzzle..here's my mentees showed they skill..AJA AJA FIGHTING

at first, i wished to follow them to the next checkpoint..but then, they ran so fast...tk terkejar i ok...heh!! at last, i stayed at the dewan..borak2 with the organiser (part 04 students) while waiting for my team..

here's the end product...colourful sungguh!!

part 03 : kanak2 ribena version...they make me happy all the time..tq so much dear ;)

1st place : DATO nordin's team
runner up - Cik yati's team

(both team mmg tk aci cos diorg part 06, they know every place all around uitm..mmgla bleh menang..heh!!)

2nd runner up - DR HALIM's team

guess my team??


2nd last ok..heee...at least they managed to complete all the 6 tasks given....the efforts that count...2 thumbs up!!

finally, the event was ended up with the ID CLAP (the tradition) and the karaoke session by PART 04-DALI...i cant believe it when he sang a song by SLAM (if i'm not mistaken)..lagu rancak okla lagik..tapi lagu putus cinta ok...hahahahahahaa..mmgla tk sesuai..then, he asked everybody to sing along..haiya!! budak2 tu sume remaja2 era barula...depa lyn bunkface, lady gaga..hahahahaha...then, our popular "singer" AIZAT pon tknk kalah..nk jugak tunjuk bakal....sang AIZAT's song-PERGI...mmg suara die sedap pon..so okla...

that's the uniqueness for being in ID department...not just focusing on studies but develop the other skills through different activities...good job yet to be more organised...

PART 03 this sem...are you ready for this challenge??
more great program for IDxPLORACE next sem ok!!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

dear diary : food paradise ;)

...why i love PENANG...
  • georgetown : heritage & historical values
  • multicultural : satu malaysia
  • bluish : beach all around you
  • food paradise : bye2 to diet when you're in Penang..sgt2 rugi ok!!
  • being shopaholic : queensbay & gurney plaza...loike :) better than ipoh la kan...


 truly delicious..yum yum...fully recommended ok

lunch : restoran KAPITAN...restoran ini terletak berdekatan dgn QUEENSBAY..terdapat satu lagi cawangan restoran ini di Georgetown (jalan jalan cari mkn session...heh!!)

yumyum 1 : cheese nan with tandoori chicken

yummy 2 : chicken beriyani

dinner : seafood restaurant @ teluk cempedak...is located far away from the busy city..quite challenging to be here cos you need to pass through the bengkak bengkok road yg agak sempit..heh!!


yummy 3 : seafood ;)

kekusyukan menjamah selera

ketekunan menggodek isi di kaki ketam..heh!!

 lunch (last day) : nasi kandaq @ kayu, kari kepala ikan is a MUST ok...together with other side dishes...

yummy 4 : nasi kandaq with kari kepala ikan..wah!!

selamat menjamu selera ;)


how does it feel??

are you hungry??

to anybody who's at seri iskandar now : segerala menyerbu restoran rahmath @ salam @ al-bayan..heh!!..ask the macha to bring all those menu yg menyentapkn itu...if u want a roti nan, my bro said, it's available at UTP..die ckp sedap..okla kot..heh!!

...talking bout foods, counting days for ramadhan, waiting for syawal...
takes this opportunity to get closer to ALLAH SWT

AIM for ramadhan : terawih @ UTP, reading AL-QURAN, lost 5kg (opps!!), being myself & feel the peaceful life ;)

...take care & stay healthy...


dear diary : one step ahead ;)

...hello everyone...this weekend is one of the best ever...when u're surrounded with your love one :: HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY :: feels like home ;) but then, early in the morning (today), had a breakfast with family @ lesung batu (kak min's greenish restaurant)...then, i'm back to my normal life...huhuhu!! alone..heh!!

let's share the stories ;)

my sis graduation day

no matter what, you look stunning, sis ;)

i was trying to put some make up..but then, still looked the same..heh!! rase2 dh cukup tebal dh tu (what i was thinking la..heh!!) i woke up at 4.20am ok just to prepare those make up for me & sis..hahahaha...sgt tk berbaloi...conclusion : we dont need a maka up, tq ;)

familia ;)

just three of us ;)
the macho one :: the manja one :: the smiley one (ye ke..heh!!)

this pose : is a MUST for convocation moment...heh!!!

however, students pharmacy & ID are totally contrast their character ok..i was waiting for almost half an hour, just to convince them that they're awesome to act like that (in the photos)..mmg malu2 kucing la sume2 ok..kalo sorg dua ke i pahamla jugak kan..heh!! now i realised, even my sis yg sgt2 baik among 3 of us..but she can be considered as the most sengal one among her friends..heh!! (u can imagine that her other friends much much baikla ok..hee)

the presents...there're others too but not inclusive in this photos..heh!!

not from her bf (mcm org2 lain selalu dpt kan..heh!!) but from her juniors ok..it's a tradition..cool gile!! when i was graduated long time ago (mcm dh lame gile jek ek..heh!!) none of my juniors pon yg buat camtu...even i baik dgn diorg pon..hmm...what to do..heee...tkpela..almost 5years dh pon..

newly pair for sis (semangat nk gi keje..heh!!)


congratz to my dear, diniah shaharum...welcome to the workaholic world k...alhamdulillah, me & dina have completed our studies..me (need motivation to open up my heart to further my studies soon...hmm...buka sikit demi sikit..amin)...

MY DEAR shahir shaharum...we'll wait for your graduation day 4years from now..good luck bro..AJA AJA FIGHTING

sila cari gadis "kanak2 riang ini" di farmasi berhampiran dgn anda...(hospital la tapi..heh!!)



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