Thursday, May 20, 2010

dear diary : i need a break!!!!!!

i'm still in perak (gosh!! tired)...keje was quite ok..but seems like it's the non-stop session..maybe my mind setting~semester break~i need a break too, put aside all those works for awhile..heh!! however, it wasn't like that..fuh!!!!!!!! fuh!!!!! fuh!!!!! jampi here and there...this sem, timetable~alhamdulillah, i've completed it earlier (even it might be a prob lil bit, sooner..heh!!..takpe, janji rizalina do her job without asking me to do so..heh!!)..ingat jadual dh settle okla kan, sekali OBE pulak menyusul...gosh!! it's been a year, OBE stuffs still the big issues we need to settle down..fuh!!!!! fuh!!!!! fuh!!!! another jampi...takpe2, i still can tolerate, demi pn ramlah tercinta (motherly & teach us one by one how to do okla, ade guider baik punye..heee) week k, another 2days OBEing...

wajah ini bukti that "i need a break" hahahahaha

june : i need a break!! hopefully bigboss tk ganggu la my's my plan for my cuti2 session :

1)  shopping with sis & bro...yeah!!!
2)  zoo trip with rania & my dina ;)
3) JUNE : ayah's bday & father's day ;)
4)  sunway lagoon with sis & bro (outdoor & indoor games jek ok...main air tkmo..heee)
5)  full of intention from mama ayah (manja darl ok...heh!!)
6)  hang out with my love one (fisya, kak cha)
7)  bon voyage party to farahiyah ( ke??..heh!!)
8)  continue reads my love theraphy : let love in ;)
9)  "sepet" session~full house, rainism, etc..heh!!
10)  i need a spa treatment (gosh when will i get one..fuh!!)
11) gadis besi!!
12) family gallery for atok kassim & nenek timah
13) miss fit ;) the real one..heh!! (5kg..a MUST!!!)

the lists are such a great plan...hope i can manage to do everything i've planned for...JUNE, still counting days..heh!!

hopefully i can be that happy...sengih sakan ni...heh!!

for now, avoid to think about OBE, cos next week, i akan mengadap OBE for 2days..heh!! so mari kite godek2 internet dulu..heee ;)


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

dear diary : blew me away :: jiwa muda ;)

Let's share something, back to my youth life...for your info, long time ago (dh mcm bedtime stories kan..lyn jekla k..i'm in a mood ni..heeeee)...talking bout my youth life, jiwa kene muda la kan..hmm...baru syiok nk ber"story telling"..heh!! ok ok amik mood's the story, i was so in love with boybands ok...KRU, NSYNC, BACKSTREET BOYS, WESTLIFE...u name it...heeee...

the detail part,

KRU...starting from album reKRUed till TYCO (yg latest ni i tk minat sgt dh cos matang kunun)

no matter what, i mmg tabik gile dgn KRU..they're so committed with their carreer..i minat dgn yusry (not just for his physical appearance ok " that's a bonus" hahaha..i think he has a charisma and the most creative among them)...kalo perform mmg confirm he's going to be the most "beriya2" la..mcm tangkap cintan abis la kt girl tu (if it's a love song)..

btul kn i ckp? beriya kn si yusry tu? sometimes, i'm kind of weird skit..heh!! yg pelik2 tula yg i suke..susah tau jadik noorul nadya shaharum ni...

NSYNC : still remember, i admired them since i was in Form 2...TEARING UP MY HEART, BYE BYE BYE, THIS I PROMISE YOU, GONE..lots more...fuh!! crazy fan...during that time, most of my friends @ any other  NSYNC's fan mesti gile dgn justin kan? not me..sorry..i'm JC CHASEZ fan..cos he's more matured..justin tu jambu sgt la..JC kalo nyanyi mesti beriya2 jugak...i've told u before, i suke yg beriya2 jek..hahahahaha...but now, i tabik sgt2 pd justin timberlake..great achievement, great music, great dance..2 thumbs up!!

BACKSTREET BOYS : just so and so la...not really addicted with them, just love to listen to their hit songs : EVERYBODY, ANYWHERE FRO YOU, I NEVER BREAK YOUR HEART ( yela tu..nyampah jek dengar..guys guys guys..heh!! (emo pulak..hahahaha)), SHOW ME THE MEANING OF BEING LONELY, AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME, ALL I HAVE TO GIVE, etc (bnyak jugak ek lagu diorg..hahahaha)

 not just that, i love westlife too..(time ni dh matang dr zaman nsync dulu la..westlife ni more soulful..lagu2 yg feeling dalam gile..compared to nsync backstreet boys have the sense of playful lil bit..who's in love if you isten to westlife, mmg makin fall in love la..heh!! seriously, i mmg suke sgt dgn "if i let you go"..if i hear this song, mmg akan nyanyi sepenuh jiwa raga la...beriya2 (ok ok now i know why i suke yg beriya2...cos i'm included in this category...heh!! prasan)

 You know why suddenly i've got a youth spirit...all of the story of boybands were inspired from my addiction to FULL HOUSE korean series...sweet gile, tangkap leleh skit, gelak2 skit, okla tu, can be considered as a new entertainment..(to me lain dok mention, cerite ni dh basi...who cares..heh!!) because of that series la, i take a look at others achievement from the main actor~RAIN BI..gosh!! he's the one yg btul2 buat i rase muda punye pasal..heh!! (dh ade broadband sendiri so blehla kerek kan....hehehehe..just with one click, you've got everything).

 tu die...RAIN BI...ade style kan...stok beriya jugakla ni..this week la, i'm so addicted to all of his songs..i dont even know any korean word ok..lyn jek..when you take a look at his performance, u'll notice that he's passionate with his smoothly, sing soulfully, style tkyh ckpla mmg unique (even he's voice not that powerful mcm elton john la kan..heh!!)...while i'm doing my works (this week kind of stressful lil bit, biasela marking, key in marks, jadual etc) so i need a new encouragement la spirit will come to complete my works..he's music, not bad la (for me)..ade taste la i rase..listen to RAINISM, LOVE STORY, HIP story tu, buat i cair...(the english version la)...RAINISM dgn HIP SONG mmg energetic gile...jgn tktau, he's an international artist k..quite okla some of the songs had been translated to english for international market..good for him la kan..and good for me, easy to understand & feel..hahahaha

if you wanna know either he's beriya @ not, take a look at youtube k...then tell me bout it ;)

so the moral of the story : always be "beriya2", then people will notice your effort..(in a good way la)

jiwa muda jiwa muda...sesekali tkpe, i still berpijak pd bumi yg nyata..insyaAllah


Friday, May 7, 2010

dear diary : rumah ketiga ;)

Rumah pertama : "Ayah ohm & mama pau" 's home sweet home
Rumah kedua    :  teratakku di seri iskandar...(desa teratak la...heee)
    Rumah ketiga    :  my mini office

Office ku yg sekangkang kera ini, i've tried my best to make it looks great, enjoyable & give an energetic ambience and has a sense of design la kan...just trying..

ada brg2 ikea skit..kire okla room can be considered as the architecture gallery..after this, if there's visitors bleh masuk my office tkyh nk gi galeri uitm dh..hahahaaha...lots of architecture model...loike it ;)

schroeder house

dome of florence cathedral berjiran dgn casa mila..heh!!

chrysler building

guggenheim bilbao museum

hatshepsut temple

lots more, cant put all of it, nanti kang kene warning pulak dgn blogspot..terover panjang...hahahahaha

the best part, i love the postcard mural..i love collecting postcard since in high i buatla ala2 wall of fame skit..puas punggah kotak dok cari all those's the end up...

cantik tk cantik tk...suke kan...(eric leong version..hahahaha)...di sebalik postcard2 yg cun melecun ni, there's notes from few people that i loike ;) mari kite main hide and seek..jeng jeng jeng...

student zero 01, i mmg garang ajar this batch, zero 01 mmgla kan, u've to be strict & got to teach them one by one...3 of them, such a great touchy when they pin up this note at my desktop masa i tkde..heee

student zero 02, diorg ni mmg naughty & hyper active..heh!! i taught them, history of western art & architecture class..really enjoyful..all of those notes had been done last few weeks, while they're waiting for abg nuar, my jiran dkt office, to submit their BC's assignment, depa dok mai ofis i, lepak2 borak2, gosip2...(korek soalan final exam history, no no no..confirm tk dptla kan..hahahaha)..lame gile tunggu abg nuar, all those students ni mcm bosan tkde keje, depa dok main i punye notepad, (saje nk abiskn jek...heh!!) dok pakat buat notes for me... sweet ;)...

this is from my darl, fisya..lyric from lifehouse~you and me..fisya gave it to me when we're classmate, degree ID at shah alam..masa part 07, i dok studio..heee..sweet kan..during this time, we're competed with each other because of the project we're involved..we're divided into groups..fisya group lain, i group group kan?? designer sungguh, norman & wan ayam in one team..still remember, when norman (big bos) presented the progress of our team, dok mention "actually" berkali2...if i'm not mistaken, fisya's group kot..heh..sorry dear, i lupe..huhuhu..tapi mmg bestla..we become bestfriend since our trip to bangkok (hotel~roommate)..masa tu part 06..she's great..really her so many ways ;)

ngah dok feeling2 belek2 notes ni sume, tetibe ade jugak notes berbaur kerjaan..hhahahaha
notes from my roommate (office)..kak ana ;) mcm my own sister...lots of thing i share with her (bile pressure la kan..psl keje..dgn sape lagik nk refer)...kak ana, wanita yg teramat lemah lembut...adore her so much...penyabar & everything..2 thumbs up!! this notes reagrding to the penang trip zero 3, few months ago...i kene handle psl mr patrick ni call for confirmation of the date...heh!! i pon i letakla skali dkt wall of fame i tu..terglamour la kejap mr patrick tu...heh!!

that's amcam?? bleh ke i buat rancangan casa impian after this...heh!! ASTRO ade keje kosong??


dear diary : new theraphy ;)

it's been few weeks i've been invisibled from being actively in blogging world..april 2010 was a tough month that i'd been through..lots of thing happenned in a sudden, a huge test from Allah swt, non stop, from one test to another one..Alhamdulillah, with Allah's bless, doa mama ayah, BFFs and adik2, i'm back to my normal life..with a new me, new spirit!!

While i'm away, i've tried to find something that can guide or at least give me some ideas..especially in relationship..i think i should learn from an expert. i know mama such a great guider, but i dont want to keep on hurting her with my sad stories in searching for my true love..she's hoping so much that i'll end up with someone soon..what can i do..(stop the emo session la ek...letihla nk emo jek memanjang..heh!!)

let's share something that has given me a new sign, new hope in a positive way. I'm reading a book wrote by DEBRA BERNT, an internationally recognized relationship expert who has been featured extensively on tv, radio, seminar & etc...

This book gives lots of information that i never thought about it about yourself to become more generally attractive to a potential's not the main intention actually..The best part that i love the most is by giving a guide to understand clearly about yourself and opening the doors to allow you to fully be that person so that you can attract the most appropriate match..just be yourself, appreciate yourself a lot and always think you're worth to find your true love, it's such a great motivation that i need to rationalized my mind setting from being depressed and always had a negative thinking about myself (before this)...

LET LOVE IN : truly about myself...few statement that really "tembak diri i balik" cos it's really happened to me,

"do you feel powerless when it comes to dating? do you wonder why everyone else seems to have such an easy time finding someone to love, yet you find it so difficult? have you always been the one who is coming alone at the weddings? does someone say you are just too picky? have you lived with aching loneliness in the very core of your being and asked yourself what was wrong with you?  

it's true..i've been through all those situation for being a single lady...but since i've read this book, i reinvented myself from being the inside out, turning a frail, insecure, lonely lady to dynamic, confident, lovable woman..but i'm still in the process to change..not completely recover & alhamdulillah, i can tell, i'm in the positive side..thinking a good things about being noorul nadya shaharum..

in this book, there's few quiz that i need to take to evaluate my thinking &'s really cool..also included the theraphy for you to identify about yourself such as " find a quiet place, close your eyes and think about ................................(mcm masuk kelas on dahlia pon ade design class, she said "kids, close your eyes, imagine u're in the........(remember her soft voice..heh!!))..something like that..

i've just read 53pages..heh!! i need a peaceful moment to read this book, for now, i've got to stop for awhile..(kerjaan yg menimbun2 di saat2 nk cuti sem ni..heh!!)...cuti sem ni, i'll continue my theraphy.

i need a support & encouragement from my BFFs, family and from anybody who loves to give one..tq so much..wish it might gives a new hope in finding my true love and appreciate myself more...insyaAllah..


Thursday, May 6, 2010

dear diary : mamaku, cikgu pauziah kassim

my mama memegang peranan yg pelbagai..

1) ibu kepada kami 3 beradik
2) isteri kepada ayah kami : encik shaharum sulaiman a.k.a abe ohm
3) anak kepada nenek timah & atok kasim
5) kakak sulong kepada 7 org adik..
4) ibu angkat kepada anak2 muridnya (kaunselor adela yg panggil my mama tu ummi, 3 of us mmg jealous gile..heh!!)
5) kaunselor otai di kalangan kaunselor2 di malaysia...heee
6) mawong (maklong)..mawong tu rania's slang..heh!! kepada anak2 buahnya..

for me, mama's everything, she's my BFF, she's my BF, she's my protector, she's my great listener, she's my idol, she's my twin (we had a same mole..exactly the same..heh!!), she's my chef, she's my personal advisor..she's my....bnyak lagi, kalo tulis mau sampai raya cina tahun depan...heee...i love u mama...muahzzzzzzz

this coming 9th may will be a mother's day, i berhajat nk bg present pd cikgu mama ni kind of cerewet la jugak (that's why anak die pon ikut skali..heh!!) i belikn die kain ela..viscose cotton (her fav fabric..katenye senang nk gi keje..kain sejuk sedap jek pakai...heee)

color pon purple (mama's fav color)..bile nengok balik kain ni, sejuknye mate memandang, rase tenang jek..mcm nengok lautan yg terbentang luas kt Lumut..heh!!

while i was looking for mama's present, dh name pon "born to shop", i pon terjebak beli jugak for me...heee...ade special occasion jugakla...happy teacher's day to me..

after almost 3semester, i've been teaching in uitm so i need a present too...ok ape my reason? hahahahha...(padahal yg i dok shopping sebelum2 ni bukan dikire hadiah jugak ke...tamak haloba sungguh noorul nadya shaharum ni.AMARAN : jgn diikut tindak tanduk sebegini...heh!!)

anyway, mama, happy mother's day and happy teacher's day..u'll always be the best and i will keep u closer to my heart and soul ;) love u, mama..muaahzzzzzz


dear diary : missing my adinda ;)

it's been a month i've not updated my blog..heh!! let's share something for may entry ~ semperna labour day...marilah kita merehatkn minda dgn cerita2 yg agak2 sensasi ini..heh!!

my adinda, nurdiniah shaharum a.k.a dina a.k.a buchuk a.k.a kakak nina (rania's slang)..she's just completed her studies at usm (insyaAllah will be graduated this coming august) i've been asked by mama to pick up all her "anak manja" stuffs yg agak menimbun tu..heh!! once again i've got to "bertukar" (hahahaha) to be a superwoman..hee..for u i will do anything la buchuk!! heee...

so i come!! during that time, gaji dh masyukkkk!! yeah!! first thing came in my mind..SHOPPING!! what can i say, i was born to shop (referred to my bday card past 2years, that kak syikin, kak maryam and aimy gave to me..heee)...

while waiting for dina (fighting for her last exam paper..fuh!!) i pon dh kluar beberapa "tanduk"..cos i'm cool to shop i pon memanjangkn langkah to queensbay ( u know la, i'm staying at seri iskandar, ipoh ~ nothing i can shop for..heh!! referred to astro event at seri iskandar " gempak desa astro" u know what i mean kan? DESA..heeee..whatever it is..i loike to stay in seri iskandar la ok...jimat!! hee...

on the road, few banners "BRITISH INDIA, SALE!!!!!!" OMG..mesti jenguk i parked my car, then my shopping journey began..from one retail to another...gosh!! mmg here and just 2hours i'd bought 5-6stuffs...bahaya bahaya...hee..the next day, i'll be there again cos my sis wanna bought her "korean" series..heh!!

then i went to dina's hostel, ternganga makcik tu nengok all those things that i bought..haahaha..she knows me well..heee..pon boleh ternganga lagik tu..hahahaha...

semangat tuk gi keje..(alasan munasabah sungguh!!)

new scarf..heh!!

decoration stuffs ;) loike!!

night, my sis got a bbq party pula at her lecturer's i'd got to stay alone in her i'd started to mark my papers..OMG!! sakit jiwa ok...ada pulak yg jawab zaha hadid jadi "hada habib"..since when pulak habib jewel bersedara dgn zaha hadid pon i tk tau..heh! marking till i jadi pening..then tido la kan...

next day, i'd got to "bertukar" to be a gagah perkasa super duper carry all dina's stuffs...she's such a bookworm..all her books, sama tebal mcm time saver ok..heh!! luggage lagi..nasib baik tk mcm paris hilton..sampai 2-3 luggages..hee..

i dont mind, janji dia belanja i mkn meatballs spaghetti..yum yum..hahahaha..after settled everything, we went to queensbay (me, again!!)..full parking!! heh so kenala parking jauh2...fuh!! sambil berjln2 dgn lajunya (u know mcmane i jln..hahahaha) ada pula, minicooper club buat event..gosh!! dina so in love with minicooper ape lagi..dgn handphone yg agak canggih milikku, snapped photos here & there..mcm2 color ade..jadi gile makcik sorg ni...heee..but u know la, she's such a shy darl..i yg kene push skit baru nk posing..hahahaha..

puas posing sana sini, we continue our journey..SHOPPING...hahahahaha...bought a new shirt for my bro, shahir (baju nk bg semangat die nk exam final year foundation...hahahahaaha)...bought for dina too..of course la kan...kang die tkmo entertain i mase drive balik perak nanti kang...muncung panjang pulak..heh!! then i went back to british india, bought the decorative stuffs (so unique)...there's a purpose on buying those stuffs but i dont know when will i use it..hmmm...

then my sis gi beli korean series pulak, what did she buy? jeng jeng jeng...FULL HOUSE..old school kan?? i know that's not the latest drama, tk kesah la kan..dina mmg gile dgn cerite tu, i never watch that series before...hee..sambil dina cari dvd2 yg berkenaan, i pon godek2 la ape yg ade kt kedai tu...i found westlife special ni..bleh karaoke dlm kete..hahahaa..teringat masa gi konsert westlife kt liverpool dulu..kalah mat saleh tu sume..i nyanyi paling kuat i rase..hahahaha

then we decided to get back..dh lotih & tangan dh penuh dgn i've imagined before, along the journey, we were singing so loud lagu2 westlife..salah lirik pon i dont mind la kan, janji ade bunyi2...hahahahaha

in perak, jenguk my bro kejap (ciyan penat belaja..heh!!)..back home..zzzzzzzzz..

my sis stayed here for 3 and half days...hee..when she's around, i balik rumah awal..kul 5 dh balik was amazing when ur love was around u..balik rumah ada org nk entertain gaduh ke gelak2 ke..heee..she makes me addicted to FULL HOUSE..i fall in love pulak dgn min hyuk dgn li yeng zhi...gile btul..sampai i pon confuse i nk org yg mcmane..lots of things to learn from that series...ok juga kan...lame tk layan cerita sweet2 ni..heee..full of loves pulak i rase..heee...sampai nangis2 la jugak..hee...i mmg cengeng..heh!!

sweet nye ;)

hari2 terakhir, i decided to eat sushi...yum yum...ada geng syiok skit..hee...mcm paus kelaparan, kami melahap apa yg lalu di laluan pinggan sushi tu..hahahahaha..tapi i tetap choosy la mcm my sis, baby octopus pon die mkn..eyw!!

yesterday, she's going back to's time to manjakn diri pd mama ayah pula..heh!! oh gosh!! i'm so  touchy...usually i'll wait till the bus start to move then i'll get back..but yesterday, i can't, i masuk kete, terus nangis..huhuhuhu...dr medan gopeng sampai kt umah i dok nangis..

i realise that, for past 3days, i'd someone to share, to laugh, to do anything together...then now, i'm back to my normal's really hurt..huhuhu...its ok, i've to think bout it focus, complete my works : marking, jadual, validation..then i need a!! being around with family is such an amazing moment..always!! since i've nobody and BFFs are the best ;) i love to be with ayah, mama, dina, shahir, nenek timah, atok kasim, acik, rania, paklang, fisya, nanna, kak cha, ana, rush, and only student who still keep in touch with me, farahiyah ;)
not forgotten, my other lovely students~when the semester is on..skarang off family and BFFs la ok ;)

one more thing : my sis, coming soon will be the pharmacist so she keep on asking me to take a good care of my health (i mmg malas skit bab2 ubat ni..kalo dh sakit baru mkn ubat..heh!!)..for that, i've got to buy a vitamin (i beli sendiri atas pantauan my sis...heee) and EPO (my sis sponsored)..sempat lagi i cekup new lotion from nivea (new packaging actually..smells really good ;)



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