Friday, May 7, 2010

dear diary : new theraphy ;)

it's been few weeks i've been invisibled from being actively in blogging world..april 2010 was a tough month that i'd been through..lots of thing happenned in a sudden, a huge test from Allah swt, non stop, from one test to another one..Alhamdulillah, with Allah's bless, doa mama ayah, BFFs and adik2, i'm back to my normal life..with a new me, new spirit!!

While i'm away, i've tried to find something that can guide or at least give me some ideas..especially in relationship..i think i should learn from an expert. i know mama such a great guider, but i dont want to keep on hurting her with my sad stories in searching for my true love..she's hoping so much that i'll end up with someone soon..what can i do..(stop the emo session la ek...letihla nk emo jek memanjang..heh!!)

let's share something that has given me a new sign, new hope in a positive way. I'm reading a book wrote by DEBRA BERNT, an internationally recognized relationship expert who has been featured extensively on tv, radio, seminar & etc...

This book gives lots of information that i never thought about it about yourself to become more generally attractive to a potential's not the main intention actually..The best part that i love the most is by giving a guide to understand clearly about yourself and opening the doors to allow you to fully be that person so that you can attract the most appropriate match..just be yourself, appreciate yourself a lot and always think you're worth to find your true love, it's such a great motivation that i need to rationalized my mind setting from being depressed and always had a negative thinking about myself (before this)...

LET LOVE IN : truly about myself...few statement that really "tembak diri i balik" cos it's really happened to me,

"do you feel powerless when it comes to dating? do you wonder why everyone else seems to have such an easy time finding someone to love, yet you find it so difficult? have you always been the one who is coming alone at the weddings? does someone say you are just too picky? have you lived with aching loneliness in the very core of your being and asked yourself what was wrong with you?  

it's true..i've been through all those situation for being a single lady...but since i've read this book, i reinvented myself from being the inside out, turning a frail, insecure, lonely lady to dynamic, confident, lovable woman..but i'm still in the process to change..not completely recover & alhamdulillah, i can tell, i'm in the positive side..thinking a good things about being noorul nadya shaharum..

in this book, there's few quiz that i need to take to evaluate my thinking &'s really cool..also included the theraphy for you to identify about yourself such as " find a quiet place, close your eyes and think about ................................(mcm masuk kelas on dahlia pon ade design class, she said "kids, close your eyes, imagine u're in the........(remember her soft voice..heh!!))..something like that..

i've just read 53pages..heh!! i need a peaceful moment to read this book, for now, i've got to stop for awhile..(kerjaan yg menimbun2 di saat2 nk cuti sem ni..heh!!)...cuti sem ni, i'll continue my theraphy.

i need a support & encouragement from my BFFs, family and from anybody who loves to give one..tq so much..wish it might gives a new hope in finding my true love and appreciate myself more...insyaAllah..



f!sy@fadzil said...

100% support you no matter what bebeh!

nadya shaharum said...

heeeeee...tq darl...


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