Thursday, June 30, 2011

dear diary step closer...


:: 250611 ::
sweetest & memorable moment
me and you
a day that's surrounded with lovely people
made me feel full of loves ~~

nadya shaharum :: zulkhairi azam
you're amazing, my dear ;)

tq my wonderful families ::
u've done so much to make this happened ;)

the hantaran :: lucky number 7
i've done all these
just becos of him
i love u, sweetheart & only want the best for u ;)

tq so much for coming
my dear BFFs :: nanna irfan alaia :: fisya kamal khaalish
my dear gfs :: ana orked alun nisa
my dear students :: dib fafau nad

k-e's lovely families
how lucky i am to be as part of them soon ;) alhamdulillah


alhamdulillah, tq so much Allah
everything had been going so well
for both of us

one step closer
alhamdulillah ;)

my dear january 2012
i'm counting days to meet u, soon ;)


Thursday, June 23, 2011

dear diary : ....dupdapdupdap...

baru rasa debaran itu
sungguh dupdapdupdapdupdapdupdap
rasa mcm nk lompat2 bg hilang dupdapdupdap itu
tapi tk hilang juga
rasa mcm nk call mama and jerit2 cuak
tapi takut nanti mama pun cuak skali
rasa mcm nk msg kt my BFFs and GFs...nk teriak dkt diorg
tapi kang ade yg ckp "nape pulak dgn nady ni..heh!!"

tapi mmg saya sgt2 berdupdapdupdapdupdapdupdap skarang ni
hari ini baru terasa sungguh
apa yg saya minta
hanya restu dr Allah
mudah2an dipermudahkn segala urusan..amiinnnnnnn

mama ayah dina shahir
anda adalah penguat semangat saya
pendorong utk saya
menceriakn hari2 saya
di saat saya gigih membuat everything by myself
tq so much for everything
i'm so glad to have all of u, as my wonderful family

cinta hati saya ~~ yup, i've done all this becos of ur loves
awak juga pendorong saya..tq sweetheart

masih berdupdapdupdap lagi ni
tkpe, nanti saya mohon diberi ketenangan
mudah2an semuanya baik2 sahaja

250611 ~~ psssttttttt :: that's our moment, sweetheart ~~

for me, fightinggggggggg!! 20% more to go ~~


dear diary : ...two...

few years ago
 i've been wondering :: till when i'll be single
frustrated :: keep on blaming myself
depressed :: alone
till i've got a new spirit
motivate myself, to love me more &
enjoy every single moment of my life

it's started, end of december last year
i met you...yes you
who i dont expect to get close to
who i dont even think about to get to know further
without any reason
without any pressure

we keep it going smoothly
i mean the relationship
from no reason
to something
extraordinary perfect moment ever
for me and you
which i never thought it would be
as perfect as this one
as wonderful as this one

it grows so well day by day
slow and steady

time's moving so fast
and now
another 2days
you and me
will be true
not a dream anymore
not a "cinta monyet" bfgf moment, etc
we're in a real journey
that we'll be going through together
all by ourselves
full of loves, insyaAllah
full of tears and happiness
but, as long as i know that i have you
who'll always be by my side
i'll be right next to you as well, my dear

the moment will come, my love
till now, i feel so grateful to have you
as part of me
tq Allah

 i love you :: more than you know ~~


Saturday, June 11, 2011

dear diary : ...anugerah terindah...

i wont deny
yes!! i miss him so much
the long distance relationship, fuhh!! it's killing me


i have you, my dear diary
i can put aside my sadness :: loneliness
i can express my feeling
and fall in love again and again


the real love, i get from you, sweetheart
i have faith in you


bila jauh :: kita rindu
bila rindu :: kita sayang
bila sayang :: kita cinta
bila cinta :: kita yakin
bila yakin :: kita kuat
bila kuat :: kita tenang
bila tenang :: kita sabar
bila sabar :: kita kekal

tips dari mama :: kalau kita rindu pd seseorg, kita hadiahkan Al-Fatihah pd org itu...
insyaAllah kita tenang & dia juga baik2 saja di sana

* maaf ye kalo anda rasa agak meluat cos balik2 psl dia...cos saye mmg cinta dia...that's the way i express my feeling....bkn mau menunjuk2..cume saye amat menghargai dia...tq kpd sape2 yg memahami *

Friday, June 10, 2011

dear diary : ....shopaholic...

seriously rindu gila nk jadi mcm ni
( tk pernah pon pegang paperbag bnyk2 mcm ni..tapi muke happy mcm tu slalula..hehehe)

it's been almost 3months, i'm no longer to be given a title of shopaholic darl (sungguh tk percaya)..usually every month, it's a MUST for me to reward myself with something..satu pun cukup...but not for now..sob sob...saving is more than anything (ye hanya kerna kamu...duhai cinta atiku...nk bina masjid & life after that...perlula saya gigih tuk berjimat cermat..fighting!!!)

suddenly, today i miss myself for being miss "born to shop", i've done some online "window shopping" (saja nk bg meleleh2 air mata ni nengok new design..uwwaaaaaaaaaaaa)'s some of it that i really aim to least a piece of pastilah bila kn (ntah2 tk dpt langsung...huhuhu) mengidam dlm diam jekla...

auwww :: i'm so in love with the pinkish MULBERRY (sudahla lama gile mengimpikn kamu...mmg harapnla)
the sexy reddish ankle boot....nangis nengok!!
yup, i wish to have a new gladdy (wedges style)
ok, that tote from MNG (kalo dpt pon blehla nk lupekn mulberry sekejap..sob sob)

yup, i want a jumpsuit, a new harem pants & a long dress
super trendy & feminine ;)

yup, i'm a cardigan maniac...i wish to have something different from now
blazer :: the mini kimono cardigan :: cardigan


how's that?? quite ok kn?? request yg tidakla keterlaluan sgt kot..hahahaha
okla i'm not too addicted to a branded product...all i want is the sense of great fashion design with the great quality (of cos la)...nk beli mcm mulberry, coach, LV, etc..mmg confirm tidak sama sekali (berpijak pd bumi yg nyata)
just that the alternatives of it...which quite similar & affordable
my fav will be :: MNG :: ZARA :: ALDO ::

tapi kini kenala sekat nafsu bershopping
cuci2 mata sajela yg bleh
kot2 ade org nk bg hadiah..wahhhhh!! harapan..hahaha
ok ok for all my loves yg baca my blog, saya tujukn this post for all of bday, 2 1/2 months from ada masa tuk anda2 sume kumpul duit to give me a bday susah pon (just refer gamba2 di atas) ahahahahaaah...siyusla pasni sume org tkmo bukak langsung blog i...kene blacklist...hehee..i'm just kidding k..
bosanla today
cos this weekend will be
:: just me in my comfort zone :: alone again :: T__T
ok tkmo sedih2!! harus terus kuat..yeah!! 

:: ppsstttttttttt ~~ 15 more days to go my dear ~~ ::


Saturday, June 4, 2011

dear diary : ...psstttt...

:: when something really good happens, you are the one I want to share it with ::
:: when something is troubling me, you are the one who understands me so well ::
:: when I laugh and cry, you are the one that makes my laughter grow
and my tears disappear ::
:: when i lay awake at night and think of all the wonderful times we spent with each other ::

:: yup..i miss you, sweetheart ::

Friday, June 3, 2011

dear diary : ...ONE year...

helo helo
030610 :: braces in me *wink*
030611 :: it's been a year to be a "gadis besi" yg anggun..heh!!



any progress??
hmm..i might say yes
i've lost 3 gigi geraham..(bdk tk cukup gigi..heh!!)
no more "gigi arnab" (i'm so impressed)
dgn kegigihan Dr Lee yg sgt fatherly..mmg tabik dgn dentist sekalian
so far, i love to be a "gadis besi"
yup, my toothbrush is my another BFF....auuwww!!
i'm still giving an extra care for my teeths (mestilakn)
2 types of toothpaste :: whitening + fresh confidence ::
sorry everyone, if u've got to wait for another 20min while i'm in a bathroom @ toilet..heh!!
gigih menyental gigi2 ku...yeah!!
well, i think that i deserve for a great celebration
i'm here in desa permai..heh!!
celebrate la sorg2 T__T
will be a "gadis besi" for another 1 1/2 years....yeahh!!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

dear diary : ...cinta...

 :: I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you :: 
::I love you,  for the part of me that you bring out ::
:: I love you, because of all you have done to make me happy ::
You have done it!!
Without pretending to be someone or trying so hard just to be my Mr Right

You have done it
:: By being yourself ::
That's what i love the most


" You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

TQ my love ;);)



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