Thursday, June 23, 2011

dear diary : ...two...

few years ago
 i've been wondering :: till when i'll be single
frustrated :: keep on blaming myself
depressed :: alone
till i've got a new spirit
motivate myself, to love me more &
enjoy every single moment of my life

it's started, end of december last year
i met you...yes you
who i dont expect to get close to
who i dont even think about to get to know further
without any reason
without any pressure

we keep it going smoothly
i mean the relationship
from no reason
to something
extraordinary perfect moment ever
for me and you
which i never thought it would be
as perfect as this one
as wonderful as this one

it grows so well day by day
slow and steady

time's moving so fast
and now
another 2days
you and me
will be true
not a dream anymore
not a "cinta monyet" bfgf moment, etc
we're in a real journey
that we'll be going through together
all by ourselves
full of loves, insyaAllah
full of tears and happiness
but, as long as i know that i have you
who'll always be by my side
i'll be right next to you as well, my dear

the moment will come, my love
till now, i feel so grateful to have you
as part of me
tq Allah

 i love you :: more than you know ~~


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