Friday, January 29, 2010

dear diary : me, myself & i

i am a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter,
a niece, a cousin, a friend,
a teacher, a student,
a young lady, a grown woman.
i am confident and scared
terrified and excited
i am loving and caring
thoughtful and hopeful
i am sick and tired
i am shy and friendly
i am careful and careless
i am hardworking and determined
i am sensitive and emotional
i am soft and hard
i am listening and sharing
i am alone and silent
i laugh aloud and cry my tears
i smile on the outside and i'm dying on the inside
i listen to others who won't listen to me
i am everything and nothing all at once
i belive in true love but i still couln't find one
i love you as you are
and all i want is for you to love me
is that possible??

Sunday, January 24, 2010

dear diary : you're a mystery

...suddenly you come again...after you've been missing for a long could i analyse anything from this situation..."you come & go" as simple as, who am i to you?? just another "station" you want to drop by when you need someone to talk to...for how long you want to keep it this way??...why it's been so difficult to me.."Ya Allah, why all of this happen to me...please show me the way to find my destiny of life...AMIN"...
i want to share something that i love the most...from my fav artist, alicia keys (soulful & sincerity)..
alicia keys : "tell you something"
guess i'm caught up everyday
tryin to keep it all together
while the time just slips away
see i know nothing lasts forever
imagine there was no tomorrow
imagine that i couldn't see your face
there'd be no limit to my sorrow
so all i can say
i wanna tell you something
give you something
show you in so many ways
cuz it would all mean nothing
if i don't say something
before it all goes away
don't wanna wait to bring you flowers
waste another hour
let alone another day
i'm gonna tell you something
show you something
won't wait til it's too late
i can't wait, i can't wait, i won't wait, i don't wanna wait
i can't wait, i can't wait, i won't wait, i don't wanna wait
i won't wait til it's too late
just a simple conversation
just a moment is all it takes
i wanna be there just to listen
and i don't wanna hesitate
imagine there was no tomorrow
imagine that i couldn't see your face
there'd be no limit to my sorrow
cuz there is nothing that can fill this space
i don't wanna put it off for too long
i didn't say all that i had to say
i wanna take the time to right the wrongs
before we get to that place
just lean on my shoulder
it's not over til it's over
don't worry 'bout it
cuz i'm gonna make sure our bond gets stronger
yeah i don't wanna wait until the storm
there's something wrong and now you're gone
and i can't find ya

Thursday, January 14, 2010

dear diary : full of loves


When time goes by..days by will meet different kind of people..when you know someone, automically they might be considered as your friends..That's mean everyday you will have a new friend..No matter if you've got a thousand of friends, only a few of them can really get close to your heart...
Let me introduce to you my dearest bestfriends who i can't live without them...I've learnt so many things from them... and what i love the most; they will always be there for me in tears & happiness.. darl, fisya fadzil...

The most wonderful friend i've ever had..She knows how to make me happy..I'm the sentimental type of person (very sensitive..hee) & always "gelabah" when something happen in a sudden (walaupun tkdela teruk mane pun bende tu)...she's the one who can stands on me & such a great listener..she's the one who change my perception of cooking (before this i hate to cook) but now, i'm so in love with cooking...(i'm still learning to be a pro..heee)..sometimes i think that she's sacrifice so much for me...such a calm person, that's why when i "hangin semacam jek", she's the one who knows how to make me calm down for awhile...fisya, i know u'll always "pok pok" me to make me feel better...she the great map sketcher...i'll arrive safely to the destination..great!! KAK CHA...

For me, she's my sister...i feel like i'm so "manja" when i'm with her...(i yg perasan..heh!!)...the tallest ever..i mmg kalahla kan..hee...

my xoxo, nanna

She the super duper caring type of for me all the time...i'll always refer to her when i'm stressful with works & some other things..heh!! when to her office "knock knock knock"...the gossips begin...heee....xoxoxoxo...monday & wednesday "our marketing day"...fav menu : nasi kerabu ayam..yum yum...then "lepak"ing session @ nannna's home sweet home till nite...(i slalu sibuk gi umah nanna..ciyan nanna kene lyn i..heh!!)...she the guru to me : she's the one who making me fall in love with edward twilight (gosh!!)..she makes me addicted to air jambu special (i jek sorg yg tk tau psl air tu..satu msia dh tau dh lambt..heh!!)...when the class is over (freedom for awhile for the whole lecturers) & nanna have a breakfast date..yeah!!...this is the time we can demand for the best nasi lemak @ klasik & the best roti canai @ anje...heh!! heaven ok!! She's in Yemen now..huhuhu...can't wait to meet you again...

...we love...




i feel full of loves when they're around me...i really want to hug each one of you right matter how far we are, 3 of you always in my heart..always!!


...THE END....


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