Sunday, February 27, 2011

dear diary : ....welcome home ;);)

*sketches yg agak comot*heh!!

my dear sepet
my one & only busyukk ;)

u'll be home...very soon sweety ;);)

~~i'm waiting~~
:: counting hours~~::
wishing for a miracle, aminnnn


Saturday, February 26, 2011

dear diary : ....just 1 ;)

my dear sepet
my one & only busyukk ;)
:: 1 more day ::

oh dear, time goes by so fast~~

~~i'm waiting~~
:: stil counting~~::

tq so much for always be there for me :: you're truly did ;);)

wishing for a miracle, aminnnn


Friday, February 25, 2011

dear diary : ...if "break up" as simple as ABC...hmm

i'm supposed to be happy for today

since last nite, i'd listed all the tasks i need to do
:: car service ::
:: a date with my dentist ::
:: eat durian with my "adik2"..heh!!
:: i'm coming back home~~malacca ::

i woke up early today..happy mode..siap nyanyi2 lagik, siap update status fb lagik...siap buat new post for my blog lagik..
ready for my first task :: car service
ok..sampai dh kt hyundai service centre...
cewahhhh!!! dgn tenangnye i rase, my baby will be just fine
just a minor service jek kot cos i take a very good care of u, baby..

suddenly, miss manis @ reception counter called me,
miss nadya, ur baby need to change
timing belt + fan belt
spark plug
air filter
..........and the list goes on..........................

banyaknye kene tukar

oh my baby, why eh!! u're so high maintenance!!!!!
rase mcm nk break up jek..boleh??

:: bersama "adik2" beraksi bangga dgn my baby :: 


can i find the other baby???
yg superb
yg cute
yg jadi ratu on the road
yg low profile
yg jimat minyak
yg...hmm...mcm2 la..yg memudahkn saya...heh!!

yg mcm ni ke??

...atau yg ni...

...tak pun yg ni ke...

...i know it sounds silly to couple with all those cars...
paklang said "berangan is free" so, beranganla banyak mana pun
walaupun mmg confirm2 i tkkn dpt pun...hehehe

no matter what
i would like to apologise to my baby
i love you, so much baby ;)
lot of memories we've shared together
i won't forget that

you're my first one
i will take a good care of you
till the end
(if ade durian runtuh ke kn..tetibe dpt porsche...heh!!)

:: still waiting for my baby yg tengah di"grooming" abis2an..heh!! ::


dear diary : ...appreciation ;);)

:: lesson of the day ::

Time goes by so fast, people go in & out of ur life. They might be the one who will make u smile :: make u laugh out loud :: give their shoulders to cry on :: be ur partner in crime, do all those silly things :: motivate & support u all the time :: u must never miss the opportunity to tell these people how much they mean to u

~~feel free to do so ;);)

:: tq for always be there for me~~

dear diary : ...table for 2...


my dear sepet

my one & only busyukk ;)
happy graduation day!!

:: 2 more days ::
oh dear, time goes by so fast~~
~~i'm waiting~~


:: counting days ::
wishing for a miracle, aminnnn


Thursday, February 24, 2011

dear diary : ...3 sixty

my dear sepet
my one & only sweety ;)

happy graduation day!!


:: 3 more days ::

~~i'm waiting~~
:: counting days ::

wishing for a miracle, aminnnn

~~tq for yesterday :: really made my day~~

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

dear diary : planner wanna be??

:: my dear april ::
lot of things need to be done
what makes me busy on april

let me share something with you

there's 2 weddings i need to attend

:: the first one ::
my aunty with her scottish fiancee will be married @ singapore
cant wait for that moment..singapore, here i come ;);)

:: the second one & the most important one ::
my cousin, alin will get married
she's 28..ok just like me..fuh fuh!!
seriau lil bit...well, what more can i say...
she'd found her soulmate & i'm so happy for her
me,'s ok to "ambil berkat" from others, who knows,
 i might be the next one..oppsss!!

ok ok..just put aside the "emo" feeling...heh!!
the main topic for today..hehe (focus pleaseee!!)
alin asked me to design her solemnization ceremony for the "pelamin" la's such an honour ;);)
cos that's what i love to do the most
design :: design :: design within this week, i've been busy, preparing some sketches~ideas development for alin...
wow, i've got my own client

here's some of my sketches ;);)

the messy one, i guess..heh!!

:: the image board ::

:: the checklist ::
i need to measure lots of thing (especially at the "pelamin" area)
next :: buy all the deco stuffs based on the ideas
next :: sewing the sheer curtain for backdrop (hantar kedai..heh!!)
my task :: to add some simple organza ribbon with button at the sheer curtain
:: things i need the most :: 
the classic design of photo frames in white colour
white & cream flowers (not been decided yet)
cushion cover :: simple & elegant design
 & the list goes on
arrgghh!! scary.....
overload of worksss
calm down...take a deep breath

i need to organise my schedule properly..huhuhu
..this is what i love to do..
so,just enjoy the moment

am i qualified enough to be a wedding planner??
hehehehe..we'll see!!
daydreamer sungguh ok!!

fighting nadya fighting!!!


dear diary : 4 seasons ;)

my dear sepet

my one & only sweety ;)

:: 4 more days ::
~~i'm waiting~~

:: counting days ::
wishing for a miracle, aminnnn


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

dear diary : maroon 5 ;)

my dear sepet
my one & only sweety ;)

:: 5 more days ::
~~i'm waiting~~

:: counting days ::
wishing for a miracle, aminnnn


Monday, February 21, 2011

dear diary : ...blew me away~~yes i am

:: first time ever ::
a voice from someone who's far far away from here
oh dear, you're next to me
really close

~~blew me away~~

tq so much sweety ;);)
really made my day

everything seems wonderful ;);)
alhamdulillah :: i'm so grateful


dear diary : alhamdulillah

tq Allah
for letting me to feel a piece of happiness
for giving me such a wonderful "gift" that i've been waiting for so long
i'm wishing :: this is the one..amiinnnn

my dear sepet
my sweety
my busyuk

:: i'm waiting ::
and keep on waiting for you
no matter how long it might takes

cos days by days
there's a sign
u're too closed
...yes, you're almost there...

...i dont want to push you...
or even push myself
just let it be this way
i love it to be like this
cool & it grows well..alhamdulillah


will always be there by your side
share tears :: happiness

will you be there for me too??

.......wishing for a miracle........

Ya! Allah
please, show me the way



dear diary : my fav number 6

my dear sepet
my one & only sweety ;)

:: 6 more days ::
~~i'm waiting~~

:: counting days ::
wishing for a miracle, aminnnn


Sunday, February 20, 2011

dear diary :: slow and steady matter what your history is, your past doesn't define you...
lets begin today with a fresh perspective..
i mean this moment which might be just once in ur life
...focus what's in front of you... a trust to yourself & pray for it...
Allah will guide you through the whole journey...
...dont push're not desperately to get that...
 enjoy every single moment...till you arrive to the destination, insyaAllah more thing, love yourself & always be you...
...that will make you happy for rest of your life...
people out day will love you because of that too ;);)

:: just keep it slow & steady ::
just the way it moment
:: tq for always be there for me ;)
my dear sepet ;);)
i'm declaring you're the one..aminnnnnn
Allah, please show me the way
tq Allah swt...i'm so grateful ;);)

dear diary : lucky number 7

my dear

:: 7 more days ::
~~i'm waiting~~

:: counting days ::
wishing for a miracle, aminnnn


Friday, February 18, 2011

dear diary :: cloud 9 ::

my dear
:: 9 more days ::
~~i'm waiting~~

:: counting days ::
wishing for a miracle, aminnnn


Thursday, February 17, 2011

dear diary :: perfect 10 ::

my dear
:: 10 more days ::
~~i'm waiting~~

:: counting days ::
wishing for a miracle, aminnnnn


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

dear diary :: rabbit theme ::

bunny oh!! bunny

warning :: this is not about the rabbit year @ CNY...hehe
not at all!!

just wanna share my "rabbit" moment which unexpectedly happened last saturday...

i've bought a new partner in crime,
who will accompany me through the whole journey
when i've been a "ratu on the road" heh!!

my lil bunny :: the chubby & cutest one ;);)
*reminds me of you*

at the same day :: i've got a present from someone far far away from here
another bunny yg super huge & cute ;);)
you really make my day

that's why we declared last saturday 120211 as a "rabbit theme"

super cute


dear diary :: hijab oh!! hijab ::

i've been started to wear "tudung lilit2" since may last year...i'm truly happy with my newlook cos it's represent the other sides of me...before this (during my studies) tudung bawal will be the chosen one...but since i've been working now, tudung bawal seems not appropriate to me cos i might look younger than i've used to be (auw..heh!!) & they might think i'm a student too...heh!! slowly, i've started to develop my own style...during studies, budget was limited...all the money had been spent for projects, assignments (cewah!! such a good student huh!!) just wore something presentable & simple..studies're more with deadlines & etc..heh!! so dont have much time to dress up vouge da vass...heh!!

here's the scarves collection of mine..heh!!


me :: in tudung bawal version

me :: in tudung lilit2 version...heh!!

eventhough, i've changed my style, but my "kesengalan" clearly can be seen in those photos..heh!!
 just love to be me ;);)


Friday, February 11, 2011

dear diary : tq Allah ;)

:: tq Allah ::
for giving me a piece of happiness
that i've been waiting for so long

:: tq Allah ::
for teaching me to be a patience person
finally i met the right one
always wish that this one really the one for me

:: tq Allah ::
for always be there for me
willing to listen to my small voice

:: tq Allah ::
for letting me to open up my heart
keep it slow & steady
...and i love just the way it is...

:: Ya Allah ::
if this is the one for me
i'm grateful to accept this gift from u, Allah
give me a sign Ya Allah

alhamdulillah :: alhamdulillah :: alhamdulillah

i'm waiting for u, my dear sepet
it's not that far...u're close to my heart
and i've got a faith on u

***counting days***
wishing for a miracle


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