Wednesday, February 23, 2011

dear diary : planner wanna be??

:: my dear april ::
lot of things need to be done
what makes me busy on april

let me share something with you

there's 2 weddings i need to attend

:: the first one ::
my aunty with her scottish fiancee will be married @ singapore
cant wait for that moment..singapore, here i come ;);)

:: the second one & the most important one ::
my cousin, alin will get married
she's 28..ok just like me..fuh fuh!!
seriau lil bit...well, what more can i say...
she'd found her soulmate & i'm so happy for her
me,'s ok to "ambil berkat" from others, who knows,
 i might be the next one..oppsss!!

ok ok..just put aside the "emo" feeling...heh!!
the main topic for today..hehe (focus pleaseee!!)
alin asked me to design her solemnization ceremony for the "pelamin" la's such an honour ;);)
cos that's what i love to do the most
design :: design :: design within this week, i've been busy, preparing some sketches~ideas development for alin...
wow, i've got my own client

here's some of my sketches ;);)

the messy one, i guess..heh!!

:: the image board ::

:: the checklist ::
i need to measure lots of thing (especially at the "pelamin" area)
next :: buy all the deco stuffs based on the ideas
next :: sewing the sheer curtain for backdrop (hantar kedai..heh!!)
my task :: to add some simple organza ribbon with button at the sheer curtain
:: things i need the most :: 
the classic design of photo frames in white colour
white & cream flowers (not been decided yet)
cushion cover :: simple & elegant design
 & the list goes on
arrgghh!! scary.....
overload of worksss
calm down...take a deep breath

i need to organise my schedule properly..huhuhu
..this is what i love to do..
so,just enjoy the moment

am i qualified enough to be a wedding planner??
hehehehe..we'll see!!
daydreamer sungguh ok!!

fighting nadya fighting!!!


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