Friday, February 11, 2011

dear diary : tq Allah ;)

:: tq Allah ::
for giving me a piece of happiness
that i've been waiting for so long

:: tq Allah ::
for teaching me to be a patience person
finally i met the right one
always wish that this one really the one for me

:: tq Allah ::
for always be there for me
willing to listen to my small voice

:: tq Allah ::
for letting me to open up my heart
keep it slow & steady
...and i love just the way it is...

:: Ya Allah ::
if this is the one for me
i'm grateful to accept this gift from u, Allah
give me a sign Ya Allah

alhamdulillah :: alhamdulillah :: alhamdulillah

i'm waiting for u, my dear sepet
it's not that far...u're close to my heart
and i've got a faith on u

***counting days***
wishing for a miracle


dibnrdn said...

Hmm.. Sah la tuuuu
No wonder la bagi Rain terus !
Meh kenalkan kat kitorang.
Jeng jeng jengggg :P

nadya shaharum said...

apekh itu dib?? hmm...
blum pastila adik!!
nanti dh confirm, akn diperkenlkn pd u all sume ok..promise!!
doakn yg terbaik tuk saye eh, dib ;)

dibnrdn said...

untuk saya dan Cik Nadya, dan Mira dan lain-lain :)
I believe there's someone out there made for each one of us, cuma waktu yg menentukan.
Ecececececewahhh ! Pffft :P

nadya shaharum said...

yup..u're totslly right, dear...just wait for that moment...


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