Tuesday, May 31, 2011

dear diary : ...lecturer idola...

*waduh, terserlah ciri2 lecturer idola kn ;);) *

today is your
2nd working day
super serious ok
i pun cuak
hehehe (bwekkkk!!)

:: my love ::
i'm wishing u all the best
it's the time you're waiting for
i'm so proud of you, dear
you'll always be my Lecturer Idola *wink


:: jengka ::
desa permai the second
yeah!! bunyi cengkerik sayup kedengaran
alahai damainyaaaaaaaaaaaa syg (hehehe)
no matter how far it might be
you're so closed to me, my love

torchlight version ni la alat penyatu terhebat abad ini *wink*


Friday, May 27, 2011

dear diary : ...teekay oh! teekay ;)

teekay oh! teekay
she's so cute, kan
tetibe bangga ada student comel (hehehhe)
she's always be herself
i love her style


one more thing
she's used to be my "gadis besi" partner
and now
she's free from braces

can't wait for that moment

1 1/2 years to go, cik nadya..yeah!!


dear diary : ...boolat...button...butterfly...

here's the other thing
that i love the most
luckily i bought all these deco stuffs last year
without knowing the purpose of it
(during that time..i main beli jek...hehehe)

:: finally ::
i will use you
during the wonderful day ;);)

combined it with

:: BUTTON ::
in dark purple + aquamarine
~~my fav~~


just wait for it



~~ oh dear, u know how much i love u ~~


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

dear diary : ...my nur kasih ;)

Nur Kasih has been a new phenomenon in Malaysia for the past 3-4years (tk berapa ingat)..it gives a different perspectives in a love story which based on the beauty of Islam (2 thumbs up for khabir bhatia & the beautiful storyline by mira mustafa)...i still remember, how tak keruan my friday's night life would be, just to watch for the series...it's a new way to understand about truelove & learn how to deal with so many possibilities in the process to maintain the happiness & to still love each other as husband & wife...we thought that a perfect couple (from the outside) might live happily ever after...but it won't last for long...lots of challenges..how you deal with it...menguji kesabaran sungguh walau sekuat manapun imannya...tetap akan diuji...ok ok..if i wanna elaborate more bout the series, confirm sampai raya krismas 2015 pon tk habis..super detail...anyone who dont have a chance to watch for the series, just grab the compilation of it @ speedy ok...rm90.00 je...hehehe...tkpun gigihkn diri anda tuk mengdownload @ nengokla satu persatu kt youtube @ tv3 website...mmg nangis sedu2 la...(based on my own experience la kan..lagi2 la time tu tkde soulmate lagi..sayup jek rasa...dok ingat manala adam saya ni..ehehehe (ok ok that one agak gedik la kn..abaikn pleasseeeee...heh!!)

this year ~ nur kasih the movie is in a cinema (go watch for it, pleaasseeeeee!!)..luckily this time i've been watching nur kasih with my love one (so sweet of u, my love ~~ you know why kn)...210511~4th moviedate ;)

ok ok..i dont wanna make too many comparison between the series & the movie...but if u're the hardcore fan of nur kasih (like me) i'm kind of upset lil bit...kire keluar panggung adela rasa mcm "alaaaaaaaaaa...mcm tu ke"...personally, i think ok ok..i admit i love the movie...but if u refresh to nur kasih the series, mmg tk best sgt mcm tu la...maybe khabir & the team need to cut it into 1-2hours to summarise everything about aidil, adam & nur amina...the purity of love without ignoring the beauty of Islam (that's the greatest storyline ever)...i can still feel the truelove of nur & adam (tiz zaqyah & remy ishak ~ great job!!)...the toughness of life, aidil need to face of after his wife's death..struggling so hard to move on with his life & his two wonderful kids...& lots more (kenala nengok sendiri ye)...i ade jugakla cengeng2 skit...malula nk nangis lebih2..hehehe....

the best part (for me la) when adam & nur had been involved in train crashed at middle east (jordan, i guess)...alhamdulillah, they're still alive..(fuhh!! lega)...nur lost her wedding ring...adam regret so much..he went back to the train crashed area just to find the ring & he's struggling from the storm (rasenyela) biasela kt padang pasir kn, so debu2 gitu, nampak challenging sungguhla...then kete die terbabas pulak...yg penting USAHA..supersweet ;);) the wedding ring is not just a ring...ia tanda ikatan cinta suci antara dua insan yg telah dijodohkan untuk mengharungi segala suka duka bersama sebagai pasangan suami isteri..membina kepercayaan antara mereka, bertoleransi & berkorban & mencorak kehidupan bersama-sama... 

one thing for sure, that i've learnt from this movie is ~ always believe in Allah..all that He has planned for us, we've got to accept it..open up your heart...jgn persoalkn...just go through with it..pasti ada hikmah yg kita sendiri tktau..sama ada baik @ buruk..terima sebaik2nya...however, dont give up to keep on pray to Allah...ask for the answer..ask for His helps...to get a better life & strength to go through all the difficulties of life...but USAHA itu perlu..jgn hanya berpeluk tubuh & redha tanpa usaha...USAHA :: TAWAKAL...that's the keywords...

nur kasih ~ tq for giving a new perspective to understand about truelove...i'm fully ready to move on with my life...to be together with you, my love....to discover & create our own love story...tq dear ;) you're the best & will always be, insyaAllah

today 250511 ~~ 27 days to go, my dear ;)


Monday, May 23, 2011

dear diary : ....when :: purple + aqua marine :: become one ;)

i love colours
really much
it's gonna be a huge problem for me
to choose the theme colour..heh!!


this time
:: purple ::
:: aquamarine ::

have been the chosen one ;);)

...this will happen on...


save the date, everyone ~~


Thursday, May 12, 2011

dear diary :...full of surprises...

2nd moviedate ~ THOR ~
such a good movie (3 stars, i might say)

here's the surprise
our bowling games
which is supposed to be between us
that's not happened, anyway
we're playing the games with his huge family
what a surpriseeeee!!
for me la kn
yela, he didn't mention anything
nervous abis ok
till sume yg i baling sume masuk longkang kot
bola pon nervous skali..heh!! (alasan sungguh)
yeah!! i had so much fun
even masuk longkang memanjang
ok ok,i admit, you're so good my dear (bweekkk!!)
great score, anyway...
mine, hmm...dont ask pleaseee!!

:: nice one my dear ::

the happy family ;)

they're so adorable ;);)

tq everyone for the great moment
the unforgettable one ;)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

dear diary : ...be positive...

everyone has a different mission in their life...a lot of strategies have been planned to achieve their target...however, they're some of them who want to be successful but dont wanna work hard for it...they keep on complaining, blaming others & so on...
ok ok...could you STOP asking this and that, pleaseee!! we're in a profesional level, anyway...so act like one...it's time for you to give and deliver your best and show your capabilities towards the mission...

:: you dont wanna give extra efforts but you keep on pointing others
:: saying, that person is not capable enough to manage the organisation
:: keep on asking for lots of unnecessary facilities (we know that there's no budget to get that in a short term...come on!!)
:: have a negative thinking

how we wanna find the solution if we still have those kind of attitudes...come on!! be matured..dont create more problems...sit down together to find the solution as well...
ckp pandai..keje tkmo...haiyaa!!! mcmana nk maju maa

it's about time for us to change
be more INNOVATIVE..that's the right word, i guess!!
doesn't mean that if u have a hi-tech facilities, you cant be successful
how we wanna deal with this??

:: be more creative :: think wisely ::
:: guys, are u ready?? let's do it!! ::

btw,it's motivate myself as well ;)

:: gotta change my plan cos i've got a new task need to be done...so, i'm in a process to "pujuk ati" & think the positive sides of it...
ok ok, let's join the convocation ceremony & be proud to be as part of it...look at your students with the "jubah konvo" & smiling in their face, oh dear, how lucky am i to have such a wonderful job ever ;);););)


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

dear diary :...thesis thesis....

tonight, i'm reading all our "thesis"
till cengeng2 la pulak
i miss that moment so much
super sweet & thoughtful ;)

 :: alhamdulillah ::
tq Allah

our "thesis" ~ 230111 - 010311
will always be the sweetest memory ever
i love every single word that comes from u
first time i'd called u "sweety"
and i'd got lots of nicknames given by u..heh!! ~~ misskedut, miss crocs, miss lecturer idola, miss penyaPang, miss deodorant and more & more...

tq my love


dear diary : ...mama...

happy mother's day mama
the one & only ratu of my life
love u mama
tq for everything ;)

you're my sunshine
always be there for me...always!!!!!!!
she knew everything what i've been through
..my tears..my happiness moment...
luckily i have such a lovable mama
who always motivate me to be stronger everyday
always make me feel so wonderful & love myself more

all i wanna do is to make you happy, mama ;);)


dear diary : ...1st may...

:: 1st may 2011 ::
it's not just a labour day
it's a day
two family
met for the first time 
in one occasion

:: a sweet memory ::

we're getting the bless
from both family

tq Allah


what will happen
on 25th june 2011??
we'll see

always pray for the best, insyaAllah


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

dear diary : ...if i could...

if i could fly a million mile away from here
just to be right by your side
i will

if i could see your smile everyday
in front of me
oh dear~~peaceful in me ;)

if i could ask dato VC
to send you here, work at desa permai
oh dear, super cool..heh!!
(mmg tkdela kn)

if i could love you forever
that's not the "if"
that will always be
i wont stop loving you
my love

we've been in a very long distance relationship
it might be for a long time

>>no matter what<<
i'm here
always will be here for you
be your partner
be your bestfriend
be your kepochi girl
be your supporter
be your good listener
be your mak nenek kedut
be your soulmate
be your princess "kate middleton" heh!!
be your everything, my dear~~

yes, i will ;);)

tq syg, for loving me & make me feel so special

i do
i do
i do

love you



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