Wednesday, May 11, 2011

dear diary : positive...

everyone has a different mission in their life...a lot of strategies have been planned to achieve their target...however, they're some of them who want to be successful but dont wanna work hard for it...they keep on complaining, blaming others & so on...
ok ok...could you STOP asking this and that, pleaseee!! we're in a profesional level, act like's time for you to give and deliver your best and show your capabilities towards the mission...

:: you dont wanna give extra efforts but you keep on pointing others
:: saying, that person is not capable enough to manage the organisation
:: keep on asking for lots of unnecessary facilities (we know that there's no budget to get that in a short term...come on!!)
:: have a negative thinking

how we wanna find the solution if we still have those kind of attitudes...come on!! be matured..dont create more problems...sit down together to find the solution as well...
ckp pandai..keje tkmo...haiyaa!!! mcmana nk maju maa

it's about time for us to change
be more INNOVATIVE..that's the right word, i guess!!
doesn't mean that if u have a hi-tech facilities, you cant be successful
how we wanna deal with this??

:: be more creative :: think wisely ::
:: guys, are u ready?? let's do it!! ::

btw,it's motivate myself as well ;)

:: gotta change my plan cos i've got a new task need to be, i'm in a process to "pujuk ati" & think the positive sides of it...
ok ok, let's join the convocation ceremony & be proud to be as part of it...look at your students with the "jubah konvo" & smiling in their face, oh dear, how lucky am i to have such a wonderful job ever ;);););)


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