Thursday, May 12, 2011

dear diary :...full of surprises...

2nd moviedate ~ THOR ~
such a good movie (3 stars, i might say)

here's the surprise
our bowling games
which is supposed to be between us
that's not happened, anyway
we're playing the games with his huge family
what a surpriseeeee!!
for me la kn
yela, he didn't mention anything
nervous abis ok
till sume yg i baling sume masuk longkang kot
bola pon nervous skali..heh!! (alasan sungguh)
yeah!! i had so much fun
even masuk longkang memanjang
ok ok,i admit, you're so good my dear (bweekkk!!)
great score, anyway...
mine, hmm...dont ask pleaseee!!

:: nice one my dear ::

the happy family ;)

they're so adorable ;);)

tq everyone for the great moment
the unforgettable one ;)

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