Wednesday, May 4, 2011

dear diary : ...if i could...

if i could fly a million mile away from here
just to be right by your side
i will

if i could see your smile everyday
in front of me
oh dear~~peaceful in me ;)

if i could ask dato VC
to send you here, work at desa permai
oh dear, super cool..heh!!
(mmg tkdela kn)

if i could love you forever
that's not the "if"
that will always be
i wont stop loving you
my love

we've been in a very long distance relationship
it might be for a long time

>>no matter what<<
i'm here
always will be here for you
be your partner
be your bestfriend
be your kepochi girl
be your supporter
be your good listener
be your mak nenek kedut
be your soulmate
be your princess "kate middleton" heh!!
be your everything, my dear~~

yes, i will ;);)

tq syg, for loving me & make me feel so special

i do
i do
i do

love you


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