Tuesday, April 26, 2011

dear diary : ...red riding hood...

:: 1st moviedate ::

red riding hood had been the chosen one
(i was aiming to watch for romantic comedy movie but @ alamanda~all about horror~thriller..heh!!)
it's ok cos this movie has a love story as well (just lil bit la)


:: here's the storyline ::

Once upon a time in a medieval village there lived a hot little girl named Valerie (Amanda Seyfried, so pretty of u). Valerie wore a red cape with a big hood (gave by her grandma, and so everyone called her Valerie.The people in Valerie's village were all afraid because a big bad werewolf had been manufactured by the local special-effects company to come along and eat people every full moon.

However, Valerie just like the hot little girl in Twilight (bella), she was torn between two men. She loved Peter (pretty hot, macho gile..just like edward cullen...heh!!). She was loved by Henry (pretty boy, muke baik..sejuk mata memandang..heh!!). One day, a werewolf-hunter named Father Solomon came to town with a troop of fierce men with silver arrows.The suspects included just about everyone, including Peter and Henry, of course, but also Valerie's parents and her grandmother.

This story was directed by Catherine Hardwicke, who had made the first Twilight. That's one of the reason why we've chosen to watch for this movie (we're expecting it to be as perfect as twilight in a different storyline & scenario). Me, personally thinks that Red Riding Hood can be categorised in grade B+ movie...the storyline is quite ok (boring sometimes) but till the end of the movie, i'm kind of potpet2 eagerly wanna know who's the werewolf, every single person who's closed to Valerie will be the suspects..finally..hmm...i think u better find it yourself...tk bestla if i tell u kan..heh!! 

:: tq my love for being my moviedate ;);) ::
240411 ~~ first moviedate ~~
 :: tq ummi, ayah for accepting me, just the way i am & tq for a great lunch :: 

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