Tuesday, April 12, 2011

dear diary : ...i'm the lucky one...

is like a rollercoaster
one day you feel that you're at the top of the world
one day you feel that you're such a loser
Eventhough, there's lot of situation you need to go through
Life Must Go On
you can't avoid..you've got to face it
sometimes you're alone :: sometimes you've got supports from others
but :: it's all yours...you're the only one who can decide, how you want want it to be

i've been through the toughness moment in my life
(ok ok...i'm the only one who can declare it as the toughness moment..heh!!)
...who knows one day, there might be another difficulties i need to go through
being upset :: depressed :: tired :: all i can do during that time, "lay down and cry" ::
it's such a mess!!

:: Ya Allah, i know you're always with me..tq so much ::
i'm fully recovered, alhamdulillah ;)


everything, everyone seems beautiful to me
i'm happy with my life now...eventhough, lots of pressure, overload of works but
i still keep on smiling
tq my love~~ cos u're always be next to me ~~ supporting & loving me ;);)

few days ago
hmm...i've realised that
how lucky i am
 to be noorul nadya shaharum

to have

my lovely family ;)
ayah :: mama :: my asyookk~dina :: my adik macho~shahir
acik :: rania :: nenek timah :: atok kasik :: paklang
& others ;)

my BFFs ;)
my darl~fisya :: my xoxo~nanna :: my kakak~kak cha

my girlfriends ;)
sweetgirl~ana :: my vouge darl~alun :: my orked~rush


the one and only

:: my love ::
mohd zulkhairi mohd azam @ k-e
tq for being my sepet :: you're my first one & will be the last one..insyaAllah

my dear students

:: TQ so much, wonderful people ;);) ::
no more tears, insyaAllah



f!sy@fadzil said...

owh, sangat terharu to be part of this entry darl.. everythings happen mmg atas kehendakNYA..and I do believe, orang yg baik adalah untuk orang yg baik juga. you deserve it because of your beautiful heart. so, you are very lucky to be noorul nadya!

farhyamar said...

Alhamdulillah..u are lucky to be noorul nadya!!!

In whatever u do today
Remember God is beside u
And no matter what comes ur way
Remember His hand will guide u..Amin

Psss...both of u so sweet ok ...amin :)

nadya shaharum said...

my darl :: tq so much darl...i do appreciate u to be as part of me ;);) the most wonderful bestfriend i've ever had...luckily Allah gives me a chance to meet u..alhamdulillah

uswah :: tq so much ;);) eventhough so many wonderful people surrounds me, Allah always will be the one that i love the most...take care uswah..prayy for us...hehehe...alhamdulillah,he's such an amazing guy ;);)


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