Friday, December 31, 2010

:: welcoming 2011 ::

 alhamdulillah, 2010 had been ended up beautifully with lots of memories :: i've been suffering from tears in the middle of it & tq Allah for showing me the way to build up my confidence & learn to appreciate myself more & more

top 10 i've done in 2010

1)  in love with korean..yeah!! cheers up my life lots ;);)
2) develop my interest in fashion, design & art ;);)
3)  develop my teaching skills (still in learning process to get better & better)
4)  being matured :: get to know the outside world through ecomonic, political, cultural,    religious aspects (still in the progress)
5)  trying to be a cool person...i'm always the clumsiest person when i'm in trouble & i need to do something unexpectedly....still learning..heh!!..i'm getting me!!
6)  get closer to my i always be ;);)
7)  vacation :: at least once a it!! yeah!!
8)  gives as many loves as i could to everyone :: i always do, i guess..cos i'm a lover ;);) hee
9)  being miss fit :: yes i am...maintain to be that way
10)  all by myself

top 10 i need the most in 2011

1)  my one and only sepet :: i'm waiting for you..will u appear in my life in 2011?? hmm...we'll see
2)  getting close to Allah swt (hamba insan nk naif)
3)  research :: research :: research
4)  preparing my mind for furthering myself higher & higher
5)  another vacation, perhaps?? huhuhu
6)  saving for future :: avoiding myself for being a shopaholic....hee
7)  train myself to be "pemandu more summons...heh!!
8)  read more books to motivate myself...sounds serious huh!! hee
9)  live young & think wisely & act gently
10)  miss independent but depending to her soulmate..heh!!

:: 2011, will it be the next memorable year for me?? we'll see ::

tq kak cha for be here with me last night ;);)

new year gift from kak cha *wink*
the pinkish cookies ;);)

:: my families, bffs, students~ you know how much i love you ;);) :: 
wishing a happy new year everyone


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

:: Year End Sale ::

during this month, you will see this sign everywhere surrounds you

please be careful!! cos you might spend too much till you realise there's only rm5 in your accounts...hahaha (based on experience long time ago...heh!!)

more attraction, they put together the beautiful  & hottest model, milla jovovich in the SALE poster..woohoo!! manela tk teruja nk ber"shopping" heh!!

then the best part, the huge size of 70 %..gosh!! how could you avoid from stopping by to every single boutique in a mall...heh!!

what i wanna share is, it's such a miracle for this YEAR END SALE..alhamdulillah, i am successfully avoiding myself to the shopaholic darl...without entering any counselling session (referred to confession of a shopaholic movie..heee)

one of the reason, i'd spent all of my rupiahs during my vacation in bandung...
really worth it!! yeah!!
i've got all that i need except for a painting ( trip will be)

the other reason is


i've donated to police traffic...heh!!
wahhhhh!! am i that generous??
well, what can i do, driving my lil baby is like being michael schumacher in sepang circuit
so mmg padanla muke kene saman kan..
luckily, police traffic also support the YEAR END SALE season
so all the summons had been given a discount...woohoo!!
diskaun tk diskaun sgtla kan
amount tu blehla i nk fly to bandung with MAS return ticket...heh!!

moral of the story :: supporting YEAR END SALE doesn't mean you have to shop till you drop


you can show it by doing what i've been doing...heh!!
anyway, i paid all the summons so that i can renew my roadtax for another 6months..heh!!
if not, gi keje jln kaki la ye cik nadya oi....heee


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

:: betty suarez ::

tonight's episode, betty suarez's finally free from braces...gosh!! she's so beautiful....can't deny the wonderful big smile that she has....

dear betty, u're such a great person inside out
sometimes i think that i'm facing the same situation with betty suarez..not only cos we're wearing braces but in the whole life...

i would like to congratulate betty for being such a lovely girl that i'm admiring so much & keep on being that ways...cos i will follow you ;);)


how bout me ???

soon!! another ONE 1/2years..yeah!!!


then, betty
together we're looking for our mr right ok!!

my sepet :: please come to me ;);) tq


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

dear diary : i too innocent...

i am a hardworker
once i've got a task to do, i'll try to complete it on time & make it perfectly done...
without complaining @ giving an excuse
...that's just me...

that's a challenge...they give me a task (no matter how tough it might be)
they wanna test you...even i'm too young to hold that position & do the tasks
that's not an excuse...i wanna show them, i can do it...
even better than they're expected...
not be proud of myself..
but it's just the way i motivate myself...
cos i'm not the excellent person..
so i get to do those things which i'm totally not familiar with
i need to put extra efforts to find the solution to complete it
alhamdulillah, Allah always be there to guide you when Allah knows
how sincere are you ;);) TQ Allah

i've realised something bad is going on
while i'm being so hardworking ( i can say that) 
...people keep on using me...
they take for granted

i'm kind of confuse
for a boss, i dont think so
cos he knows that's why i was given the position
to help him to complete the task & find solution for it
ok i admitted that

but what makes me upset is
for someone who i've trusted so
who always helps me (cos we're in one team)
last sem, i've been covered him..i've done everything by myself
cos he's not in msia for the whole semester holiday..ok i'm fine with that
but for this semester, he seems dont care at all..
this time, i'm going for a vacation just for a week
can't u cover for me, man!!
just in case of there's is anything urgent need to be done
cos i've done the whole process
u need to cover just a lil thing, if there's any ammendment..that's all
he just said that " i'm not available too...i've got to do that, this..need to go there, here"

what i can say,
it's okla bro
do whatever you want
i've done my part
i've told boss where i will be
alhamdulillah, boss seems just fine


am i too innocent???
till org bleh pijak2 kpale i mcm tu jek
till they can use me

OMG!! i hate that!!!!!

I can consider that as a BULLY session

to all people out there

cos i might change & dont try to play around with me!!!!


Monday, December 13, 2010

dear diary : introducing

111110 :: tun alaia :: nanna's baby


101210 :: muhammad khaalish umar :: fisya's baby


dear diary : call me, aunty nady :: season 2

congratz to my darl, fisya & her hubby for welcoming a newborn baby boy ;);)

my last date with my preggy darl ;);)

101210 :: newborn baby boy ;);)

so happy for u, darl ;););)


happy for being aunty nady ;)
happy for searching for cute baby stuffs ;)
will meet fisya's baby boy & nanna's baby girl soon ;);)


Thursday, December 2, 2010

dear diary : tips for exam...heh!!

as part of induction, you need to do assignmentsss....heh!! with the "buku kerja" as your daily report..mmg back to school moment la...back from ceramah, terus bukak buku buat assignment...cemerlang ok!! hahaahaha

the other scary part is the final exam which soalan mmg unexpectedly la..can u imagine, every day, we have 3-4 topics...cubela kire brape topik kene study within 7days...heh!! mmg sampai tepu la otakku dibuatnye..heh!!

so for all the students, well preparation is always important...anda tiada alasan cos one subject for one semester..cube kalo jadik mcm ke rase cam nk terjun lombong carik bijih timah...heh!! it's been a long time, i've never sit for th exam...last skali mase amik degree dulu, 2006...masters degree tkde exam...

beginila rupenye bile dh lame tk rase cuak kerna exam..heh!!

nota bergelimpangan atas katil...belek yg ni, terfikir pulak notes yg kt atas lantai...heh!!

:: inilah antara peneman2 sejati ::
tisu :: selsema ye...bukan sebab i nangis bace notes tk masuk2 dlm kepale....heee
wood's :: ubat sakit tekak....heh!! biasela anak manja mmg camtu...
dairy milk :: pemanis mulut....14 keping i mkn ok..heh!!
pen & hi-lighter tu :: utk rajin...heh!!
ditambah dgn nota2 yg ditulis dgn cakar ayam sekali..heh!!


baca punye baca
punye baca
punye baca
punye baca

...tidak dilupakan...

ttaarraaaaaaaa!! FB....hee....bile dh tepu, godekla FB kejap...INGAT!! i ckp kejap
for refreshment...pastu sambung baca balik
my partner :: yours have been the chosen one....heee
best cuci mate nengok org main snow...nk pi UK blik...huhuhuhuhu

one more thing, that really motivate me to keep on studying is my roommate
mmg rajin gile...chinese girl..baik sgt2
will share her photo with u, later k


first exam dh settle, another exam this coming sunday
another topic pulak
wish me luck ok ;);)


dear diary : what i've been doing lately's been a long time, i haven't shared any news huh!!

working as a lecturer, the busiest moment will be during the beginning of semester & the end of semester..november have been listed as the busiest month ever...students' final assessment, marking final exam papers, key in marks, validation, etc...whatelse can i say..i always love my job ;);)

but this year, november 2010, was totally different to me...another extra busy cos i've been listed to join the induction (for new lecturers) woohooo!! lots of preparation need to be done....heh!!

induction for 2weeks started from 22nd nov till 5dec ( 3more days to go!!)...i love to be as part of's such a wonderful experiences....meets new friends....the most unexpected part is 

:: the back to school session :: 

every morning, we need to attend lot of classes...early in the morning, we have an assembly, sing the negaraku & UiTM dihatiku songs.....mmg latih vokal ok!!

then, the ceramah session..non-stop till 6.30pm everyday...mcm gi kelas ok!! tapi bestla, new general knowledge, i never thought bout it so far...every topic was great cume bile part "kewangan"..aiyooooo!! mmg tkleh masuk..otak tepu trus...heee....panjar what so ever..amende la tu...heh!!
the "tk bagus" part..everyday, 6kali makan..aiyyoooooo!! kembung perut ok...last2 i mkn 3 kali jek larat & pipi dh mule mcm nk naik ok....heee...

as always, here's some photos :: sharing is caring ::

here's my team :: kumpulan 3 :: unity ;);) best!!

have been chosen to be the coolest team during sukaRneka ;)
i'm one of the athlete..yg menjahanamkn the team..heh!!

my new friends ;) ;) the best ever from uitm segamat
azrina & kak zai

my x-schoolmate, zarith :: we've met again after almost 10years...2-2 jadik lecturer...hee

my x-BTN teammate, fifi ;);) uitm sabah

i love to be as part of induction session
great experiences :: gets new friends :: lots of knowledge :: changes for good


Thursday, November 11, 2010

dear diary : call me, aunty nady

11 NOV 2010

oh my dear nanna just gave birth for a healthy baby girl ~ 3.6kg ok!! hee

i'm so proud to be aunty nady for her daughter....super cool!!

can't wait to meet the sweet lil girl..very soon

 i'm smiling, right now...senyum sampai telinga ;);)
super duper happy for nanna & irfan ;);)

my darl, fisya & her hubby :: this coming december, insyaAllah

can't wait!!!!!!!!



Sunday, October 31, 2010

dear diary : happy bday my darl ;)

i love this person so much
thank you so much

:: always be there for me in tears & happiness ::
:: such a great listener ::
:: great cook..hee ::
:: patience ::
:: cool :: 

she's my everything & the best gf i've ever had
thank you, Allah for letting me to get close to her

happy 28th bday darl ;)
wish u'll always be happy with kamal & the coming soon baby boy
i'm sure u'll be a wonderful mama ;) ;)
stay healthy & i love you, darl ;) ;)


Saturday, October 30, 2010

dear diary : bila pena menari ;)

kenapa aku leka
mengapa aku malas
kenapa aku alpa
mengapa aku murung

kenapa aku rimas
mengapa aku bosan
kenapa aku risau
mengapa aku resah

kenapa aku diam
mengapa aku hiba
kenapa aku pilu
mengapa aku sunyi

kenapa aku lalai
mengapa aku gelabah
kenapa aku bengang
mengapa aku baran

kenapa aku lembut
mengapa aku sabar
kenapa aku tenang
mengapa aku menung

kenapa aku girang
mengapa aku tangisi
kenapa aku bingung
mengapa aku teliti

sukar kutafsirkan apa yang terpendam di lubuk hati ini...kekadang begitu kekadang begini...hadir & pergi silih berganti

aku tawa
aku hampa
aku paksa
aku ikhlas
aku keliru
aku yakini
aku keluh
aku teguh
aku akur, aku sendiri

kuputuskan di sini
akan kuperjuangkan
mengecapi kebahagiaan yang belum kutemu sepenuhnya

akan kujuang kegirangan
akan kupamer keyakinan
akan kukekalkan ketimuran

Duhai Sepetku, akan kunantimu
dalam kesabaran & ketabahan

:: amat merindui cikgu adibah amin ;) ::


Friday, October 29, 2010

dear diary : ...children nowadays...

i always babysit my lil cousin (as you can see, lots of my previous post had been promoting them..heh!!)...our routine :: play @ tigu (rania said playground is tigu..heh!!) :: colouring session :: reading the flashcard :: watch tv @ youtube (child program..of cos..heh!!)..usually upin & ipin (i pon naik jelak ok..heh!!) i'm quite surprised cos they can follow every single dialogue from the series and even follow some action..i'm totally amazed..hee..really cute & funny.....sometimes, they even fight with each other (usually rania & danish) just because they want to watch the different series of upin & ipin..sorg nk nengok seri hantu durian..another one nk nengok yg ade lagu "tanam2 ubi" (if i'm not mistaken..heh!!) see..if i've told u..i pon dh tau ok..hahahaha...luckily we have more that one laptop at home (we used to be a student...that's laptop & dina's always jadik mangsa...heh!!)

even, i enjoyed watch for them..laughed louds...i realise something is not right...with this popular series...hmmm

let's discuss detail bout it ::UPIN & IPIN

the good one
  • the kampung scene : really good effort to give that kind of approach to kids, nowadays, they will know our roots..
  • the introduction of the traditional games : konda kondi, galah panjang, etc..most of kids dont even know all those traditional games...if u ask bout video games, paintball, etc...all in their fingertips..heh!!
  • the malay's culture : introduced the orchard for fruitpicking~durian, rambutan, mangosteen, etc...picnic at the river, waterfall....awesomeness 

the worst part
  • the language that has been used...too rough for kids, i using "aku kau"...i know they're trying to show the reality of malaysian life  but this is bout education...statement such as "aku sepak karang"..OMG!! can u imagine, my rania (3years old) might use this kind of language...ermmmm.....
  • most of the followers for this series are kids below 10years old (10years old and above lyn hi-school musical, justin bieber, they even know lady gaga as well..not appropriate at all...heh!!)...children from these ages (below 10years old) they will follow every single thing that they watch, listen...they love to explore & practice the lesson.
  • in term of language, yes!! they might follow 100%..some parent will scold their child if they heard those words..but when they're with their friends, without adults' monitor..that's so bad...they wanna show to their friends that they are up to date as well by using all those words..

kekusyukan melanda :: upin ipin session..heh!!

hmm..i hope, our tv station @ government, please do something...(wah cam isu dewan rakyat pulak dh) i'm telling the truth what obviously can be seen, the impact,children might get when they watch the series..we have a "bahasa budaya bangsa" campaign & "cintailah bahasa kita"..but then, it's not been used at all to educate kids...(tv program especially)...when i was a child, i'm grown up with the educational program & classical tv series :: cinderella, snow white, bambi, sesame street, si luncai, sang gelembai, badang, bawang merah bawang putih :: penuh dgn adat, budaya, bahasa yg puitis, gaya penceritaan yg sgt2 bagus (i adore so much)...all those wonderful story, inspired me to read novels from great author such as :: a.samad said, khatijah hashim, othman puteh, nicolas sparks, etc) i suka baca novel2 yg puitis bahasa & teliti penceritaannya..2thumbs up for a.samad said!! novel cintan2, sorila lyn...amat melekakn..heh!! i'm not saying that, i'm the good one, but at least i know which one is the best selection to get a knowledge & feel the wonderful experiences...

i'm concerned bout this matter ;) ;)
duhai bakal anak2 ku nanti, mohon maaf sekiranya mamamu ini amat cerewet sekali...
untuk kebaikan anak2ku juga ;)
(amacam, puitis tk..hahahaha)


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

dear diary : ...lucky...number two

family is priceless...the joy that u might feel when u're surrounded with ur family...well, i might say~ u might never imagine that...

full of  :: love :: encouragement :: happiness ::

no matter how busy am i, i will find the "one fine day" just to be with my you can see, (for my diehard fan (is there any??..heh!!), most of my posts showed how i spent the precious time with them...all of them are my mother's family...i'm so closed with them...therefore, everytime we're planning for a vacation, family will be my first choice to be my holiday's partner..yeah!!

this time, i would like to introduce my father's family...lots of them dad is the 4th member in his family with another 12 atok & nenek had passed away, in fact i haven't got a chance to get to know my grandpa...(he died for cancer before my dad got married)...the sadness part, when he died, my dad was in portsmouth, UK (furthered studies)...he managed to come back 2weeks after uncle said, if i wanna know how's my grandpa, take a look at my dad...almost the same :: their character :: face :: grandma passed away over 10years ago...a day before my dad's bday (31may)...pretty upset...i can't imagine how my dad felt during that time... :: a big family ;)... 
...let me introduce to you...

openhouse @ pak ndak's home sweet home @ rawang
i've told you :: such a huge family, kan?? hee...awesomeness!!

my dad's siblings :: pak cit, pak ndak, mak ndah, busu zana, mak long, pakcik dang, pakteh (my dad)
**mak bik & maklang not included**

let me introduce the "tuan rumah" :: my pak ndak,
the funniest person in our family

our fav aunty :: mak ndah
she had sacrificed  lots for the family..
mak ndah is the one who took care of our grandma
until the end of her life

mak long & half of her cucu...half ok!!
(manela my dad & mama tk sentap, adik beradik lain dh timang cucu...
anak die mcm tk paham2 jek pulak kan...heee..what to do..hmm)

cousin :: nephew ;)

my dad with his brothers ;)

...alhamdulillah, i'm so lucky for having such a great family :: mama's & ayah's
they're planning for the huge family gathering, end of this year...siap nk tempah dewan sume...wahh!! can't wait for that...


dear diary : happy bday sis!!

she's innocent
she's a bookworm
she's nerdy
she's specky
she's blurry..sometimes
she's cool
she's kind
she's smart
she's a great listener
she loves food
she's a hardworker
she's tidy
she loves korean
she's a simple girl

...she only the best i've ever had...
my pillowtalk partner
my partner in crime (i'm always the leader...heh!!)
my co-pilot
my girlfriend
my soulsister
my tears & happiness partner
my buchuk :: my asyook :: my dina 
rania's kak nina
ayah's secretary

생일축하합니다 (saengil chukha hamnida) dear sis, nur diniah shaharum...

may Allah bless you forever
have a successful career
will find the wonderful soulmate soon
stay healthy & happy

enjoy the bday rewards :: all about kpop
enjoy your day
saranghe, sis

p/s :: dont forget to watch for P.I Ji Woon...hee...oh dear, 12hours more to go..heh!!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

dear diary : how do i look :: nerdy lady

...nerdy... love with it...

...i'll declare this moment as...
:: in my comfort zone ::


** long skirt~flea market, top~nichi, hijab~brand outlet, spec~vincci **

dear diary : ...blew me away~~lucky number one *wink*


when i look at you i'm blushing
when i see you my heart goes thump thump
i talk with shyness like a kid
when i look at you i just smile out of nowhere
like a fool I keep doing that
I think love came to me

You’re the president of my heart
You’re my chests’ star embroider
I’m Genie for you girl
You make me stop breathing
whatever you want
because i love you
There’s no reason for my love you know

you’re a darling
you’re more beautiful than the stars above in the night sky
the shining thing deep inside my heart
my own love light

i love you darling
give me light next to me whenever
every night i look at you
and you’re beautiful even when i look at you
you’re my love light

when i see you i feel like im up on the clouds
it may be immature but i keep doing this
i think love came to me

you’re a darling
you’re more beautiful than the stars above in the night sky
the shining thing deep inside my heart
my very own love light

i love you darling
give me light next to me whenever
every night i look at you
and you’re beautiful even when i look at you
you’re my love light

you’re lovely
you’re more blinding than the sunlight up in that sky
you shine the dark places inside my heart
my own love light

i love you lovely
even if i close my eyes i see you
looking at you like this
you’re still blinding even when i see you
you’re my love light

love light~cn blue~


Sunday, October 24, 2010

dear diary : ...freak out...

...i woke up this morning, i'm hoping for a good day...everything seems normal to me...i cleaned up my home sweet home...

checklist for today

  • clean up the house  - done
  • laundry service - done
  • cook - done (kueh teow goreng malas..heh!!) - done
  • changed the bedsheet - done
  • berangan dpn cermin with my nerdy glasses - done done done...hahaha
TARAAAAAAAAAAAA...after completed all the task...i took a bath...oppsss!! i realised one important thing i'm not doing BABY GETZ..dh lame tk mandi...alamak!! ke hulu ke hilir ke kl sume tk mandi2 lagik die...hmm...nevermind, will bring my BABY GETZ to carwash service~grooming him..heh!!

after i had my lunch, my student part 06 msg me, asked for help if i could marked her thesis...oh my gosh!! she need to submit for hardcover this tuesday.....again...last minutes....i'm so mad ok...luckily i'm in i went to my office just for her...heh!! then, it's time to pamper my BABY GETZ...ok ok...i know BABY, u merajuk dgn i kan..heee. while waiting for my BABY's turn to be groomed

"here's the freak out moment"..fuh!!!  

suddenly someone (a guy) came & talked to first, i keep on silence & just listen to whatever he wanna's a dialog : a guy (can i call him mr gatal??) blehla eh

MR GATAL : belajar di mana?

me : ...silent...(he asked the same question again...with ayat2 tambahan yg agak merepek..heh!!)

me : dh keje (i feel so stupid for giving that answer...heh!!)

MR GATAL : kt mane?

me : (i sentap...where should i tell him...) hmmm....uitm
(i masih maintain jujur la for that moment)

MR GATAL : mesti org luar mane ye...

me : (gosh!! i'm started to freak out...someone help me..please please please....)
so i malaysia...

MR GATAL : (he's not satisfied with my answer....he asked me back)...yela org malaysia..tapi kt mane....

me : (gosh..geramnye i...u can imagine how i was acted during that time..mmg cam gelisahla jugak...i'm trying to be cool)(pikir punye pikir i nk kelentong ape..while MR GATAL masih berkate2 lagik nk push i jawab....last2 i jawab...KL...heh!!

MR GATAL : oh KL ke...dok sini dkt mane?

me : (OK OK...this is totally ridiculous) i ckp i dok dlm...(if i said i stay outside..mati i..kalo die tanye alamat pulak karang)

MR GATAL : Oooo..saye ni suke mane2 mesti dpt kwn baru (gosh!! ingat i kesah ke..heh!!..napela tkde org lain yg duduk dkt kitorg ni..geramnye i...)(after die sibok berckp~mengayatla kan...yg i mmg malas gile nk dengar..tetibe)..boleh bg no phone

me : (gosh!! tu yg i mmg tknk dengar tu...mengambil kesempatan sungguh) i geleng kepala jek

MR GATAL : kalo tk boleh tkpe, saya tk paksa..saye mmg suke berkwn...yela, manela tau kalo saye dtg sini lagik, saye ade masalah ke..nk minta tlg...blehla saye minta tlg kt awak...kalo saye dtg sini, nk jumpa kwn2, nk ajak minum ke kan (OMG!! helloooo..punyela berlambak laki2 yg cuci kete tu, tkleh minta tlg diorg ke..i'm sick of it!!).....boleh ke bg no phone (tk paham bahase btul mamat ni)

me : (i mmg dh panas ati dh ni)...i ckp, minta maaf encik, saya bukan jenis macam tu...saya tk boleh bg...

MR GATAL : tkpela saye tk paksa...hmm...dh ade boyfriend ke? (gosh!! bleh pulak nk tanye....arrghhhhhhh)

me : DAH...

MR GATAL : bile nk kawin (arrghhhhh!! geramnye i)

me : TK LAME LAGIK (dlm ati i, my dear sepet, please come and rescue me!!)

MR GATAL : OOOOO....(actually he wanted to ask more & more...mmg tk putus asa btul mamat ni..but there's a family came & sit next to me.....fuhhhh!!! i felt so relief)

MR GATAL pon blah & duk tempat lain...i mmg lega gile..........fuuhhhhh!!!

he's car dh siap sebenanye....tapi tk reti2 nk blah trus..geramnye i...i was wondering if he'll follow me, right after my car had been completed...gosh!! i mmg cuak gilela..

after mamat cuci kete tu gave the key to me, i mmg tekan minyak kuat trus blah  tapi tk blik umah lagik..i i pi kedai rahmath..heh!! dh agak lame skit, i trus blik umah..tapi my eyes keep on looking around....just wondering if he's next to me @ at my back..heh!!


that's the freak out story..heh!! i'm so worried right now..cos this is not the first time, things like this happened to me...dh bnyak kali..i mesti cuak....cos usually it will happen when i was alone (which i am always alone)...i dont mind to go anywhere by myself...i love to be alone sometimes...BUT...when things like this happened...i jadik stress...i jadik cuak pulak nk pi mane2 sorg2 know why??
  • usually guys (in this category) will have a different agenda...(i'm just worried with santau @ pukau @ etc)
  • they usually will act weirdly (nengokla muke diorg...mmg cam gatal gile...gosh!! geli ok)
  • they will use ayat2 jiwang (lagik i nk muntah dengar)
  • the worst part, if they want to rape @ do any sexual harrassment....(ya Allah!! hindarila perkara2 sebegini drpd berlaku kpd hambamu ini..amin)
i just wanna say to all guys in this category (yg dh jadi @ ade hasrat nk jadi)..come on guys..this is not the right ways to "ngorat" a girl..i'm not that type of person...who's easily to fall in love with kate2 yg bermegah2 diri (cos MR GATAL mentioned that he has lots of i care...heh!!)..ayat berkias2 berbunga2...heh!! please be more professional...respect us (ladies)...if we are not interested, tolongla paham...dont keep on pushing us...

because of MR GATAL & my past incidents (almost the same with this)..i truly deeply madly need someone right least i will feel secure...i will feel lucky to have someone who is totally different from MR GATAL, who can protect me, who will always be there for me, who will belasah that MR GATAL (hahahaha) (cos i ni jenis yg suke pikir sedalam2nye..tu yg bahaye tu)...

...MY DEAR SEPET, please show yourself...i really need you right now...



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