Thursday, December 2, 2010

dear diary : what i've been doing lately's been a long time, i haven't shared any news huh!!

working as a lecturer, the busiest moment will be during the beginning of semester & the end of semester..november have been listed as the busiest month ever...students' final assessment, marking final exam papers, key in marks, validation, etc...whatelse can i say..i always love my job ;);)

but this year, november 2010, was totally different to me...another extra busy cos i've been listed to join the induction (for new lecturers) woohooo!! lots of preparation need to be done....heh!!

induction for 2weeks started from 22nd nov till 5dec ( 3more days to go!!)...i love to be as part of's such a wonderful experiences....meets new friends....the most unexpected part is 

:: the back to school session :: 

every morning, we need to attend lot of classes...early in the morning, we have an assembly, sing the negaraku & UiTM dihatiku songs.....mmg latih vokal ok!!

then, the ceramah session..non-stop till 6.30pm everyday...mcm gi kelas ok!! tapi bestla, new general knowledge, i never thought bout it so far...every topic was great cume bile part "kewangan"..aiyooooo!! mmg tkleh masuk..otak tepu trus...heee....panjar what so ever..amende la tu...heh!!
the "tk bagus" part..everyday, 6kali makan..aiyyoooooo!! kembung perut ok...last2 i mkn 3 kali jek larat & pipi dh mule mcm nk naik ok....heee...

as always, here's some photos :: sharing is caring ::

here's my team :: kumpulan 3 :: unity ;);) best!!

have been chosen to be the coolest team during sukaRneka ;)
i'm one of the athlete..yg menjahanamkn the team..heh!!

my new friends ;) ;) the best ever from uitm segamat
azrina & kak zai

my x-schoolmate, zarith :: we've met again after almost 10years...2-2 jadik lecturer...hee

my x-BTN teammate, fifi ;);) uitm sabah

i love to be as part of induction session
great experiences :: gets new friends :: lots of knowledge :: changes for good


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