Tuesday, December 14, 2010

dear diary : ...am i too innocent...

i am a hardworker
once i've got a task to do, i'll try to complete it on time & make it perfectly done...
without complaining @ giving an excuse
...that's just me...

that's a challenge...they give me a task (no matter how tough it might be)
they wanna test you...even i'm too young to hold that position & do the tasks
that's not an excuse...i wanna show them, i can do it...
even better than they're expected...
not be proud of myself..
but it's just the way i motivate myself...
cos i'm not the excellent person..
so i get to do those things which i'm totally not familiar with
i need to put extra efforts to find the solution to complete it
alhamdulillah, Allah always be there to guide you when Allah knows
how sincere are you ;);) TQ Allah

i've realised something bad is going on
while i'm being so hardworking ( i can say that) 
...people keep on using me...
they take for granted

i'm kind of confuse
for a boss, i dont think so
cos he knows that's why i was given the position
to help him to complete the task & find solution for it
ok i admitted that

but what makes me upset is
for someone who i've trusted so
who always helps me (cos we're in one team)
last sem, i've been covered him..i've done everything by myself
cos he's not in msia for the whole semester holiday..ok i'm fine with that
but for this semester, he seems dont care at all..
this time, i'm going for a vacation just for a week
can't u cover for me, man!!
just in case of there's is anything urgent need to be done
cos i've done the whole process
u need to cover just a lil thing, if there's any ammendment..that's all
he just said that " i'm not available too...i've got to do that, this..need to go there, here"

what i can say,
it's okla bro
do whatever you want
i've done my part
i've told boss where i will be
alhamdulillah, boss seems just fine


am i too innocent???
till org bleh pijak2 kpale i mcm tu jek
till they can use me

OMG!! i hate that!!!!!

I can consider that as a BULLY session

to all people out there

cos i might change & dont try to play around with me!!!!


1 comment:

keem bouszynkie said...

well cik nady..its seems like they were bully you. yes you can consider it as bully though :(
so sad to hear that."he" have to realized that how importance are you in that team and cannot simply treated you as a labour.that was totally unfair.cik nady dont worry. the damn best thing is. talk out loud. then he will realized that all of this was wrong :)) wtv it is..stay strong..next sem i ada then we can talk too much :)miss you


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