Friday, December 31, 2010

:: welcoming 2011 ::

 alhamdulillah, 2010 had been ended up beautifully with lots of memories :: i've been suffering from tears in the middle of it & tq Allah for showing me the way to build up my confidence & learn to appreciate myself more & more

top 10 i've done in 2010

1)  in love with korean..yeah!! cheers up my life lots ;);)
2) develop my interest in fashion, design & art ;);)
3)  develop my teaching skills (still in learning process to get better & better)
4)  being matured :: get to know the outside world through ecomonic, political, cultural,    religious aspects (still in the progress)
5)  trying to be a cool person...i'm always the clumsiest person when i'm in trouble & i need to do something unexpectedly....still learning..heh!!..i'm getting me!!
6)  get closer to my i always be ;);)
7)  vacation :: at least once a it!! yeah!!
8)  gives as many loves as i could to everyone :: i always do, i guess..cos i'm a lover ;);) hee
9)  being miss fit :: yes i am...maintain to be that way
10)  all by myself

top 10 i need the most in 2011

1)  my one and only sepet :: i'm waiting for you..will u appear in my life in 2011?? hmm...we'll see
2)  getting close to Allah swt (hamba insan nk naif)
3)  research :: research :: research
4)  preparing my mind for furthering myself higher & higher
5)  another vacation, perhaps?? huhuhu
6)  saving for future :: avoiding myself for being a shopaholic....hee
7)  train myself to be "pemandu more summons...heh!!
8)  read more books to motivate myself...sounds serious huh!! hee
9)  live young & think wisely & act gently
10)  miss independent but depending to her soulmate..heh!!

:: 2011, will it be the next memorable year for me?? we'll see ::

tq kak cha for be here with me last night ;);)

new year gift from kak cha *wink*
the pinkish cookies ;);)

:: my families, bffs, students~ you know how much i love you ;);) :: 
wishing a happy new year everyone


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