Sunday, January 2, 2011

dear diary : my gadis bermata bulat

most of my posts only focus on my 3 BFFs?? fisya :: nanna :: kak i right?? another 3 wonderful darls...rush :: ana :: nisa....(banyaknye kwn..mcm best jek i ni kan....hahahahaha)....there's  another important person who has appeared in my life...thank you, Allah for letting me be closed to her while i'm alone during my studies in UK...i am so lucky to have her as part of me ;);) 

the unforgettable person in my life :: aimy kamaruzaman (my gadis bermata bulat....heee)..she's so special...we have the same interest & share lots of thing together...she helped me lots when i was kind of lost in leicester....i owe her so much...she's the ACCA student..brilliant & very down to earth...even she's from the wealthy family...

today :: 020111 :: we meet again..after almost 3years...yeah!!

back to our friendship :: leicester 2007-2008

mmg terasa berdosa sgt2 for ignoring her when i'm back to msia..
..the truth is, i'm not..
how could i do that...she's part of me...
ok ok...hmm...i admit my mistake cos i'm not organising my life properly.
i'm failed to be fair to all my BFFs...i always spend my time with my other BFFs...
...but i never forget you, my one & only AIMY...

my darl :: fisya ~ my xoxo :: nanna ~ my kakak :: kak cha

my orked :: rush

my babe :: nisa ~ my sweety :: ana

my mata bulat :: aimy

...all my 7 BFFs have their own uniqueness that i will appreciate & remember forever..
...that's makes me love all of them so much...

thank you ,Allah for introducing 7 wonderful people in my life...
...who always make me feel full of loves ;);)


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