Sunday, November 29, 2009

the memoirs of childhood

It's a holiday (not so holiday..heh!!) It's time to spend the whole weeks with my family. That's what i love the most. Let me share something with you. Last week, ayah had been admitted at hospital for 5days (gosh!!). Alhamdulillah, he's getting better now. I'm still worried about ayah, what can i do, it's time to get back to Perak (lots of works need to be settled...huh!!). Being the eldest in family is really challenging. Now i know, how tough is it to be an adult. Alhamdulillah, i'm used to it (even there's a few thing i need to be more alert next time). Put a side about this topic (seems so serious..heh!!)

Me, my sis & mama have got a chance to be a babysitter to 2 little kids that make us "tak keruan" .Always want to meet them & see their development (i've learnt about children development for my undergraduate thesis). It might be good to apply it..(ilmiah sikit..hehehe). Eventhough, it's just a one day experience, it was awesome (learn to develop my motherhood skill..hmmm).

Let me introduce to you,

.....mia marissa zulkifli.....

an energetic darl ;)
Paklang & aunty lina came early in the morning to send her (tq for the breakfast..i don't know why paklang & haziq are so addicted with mee pak hasan..heh!!). At first Mia was so fine. She's smiling & hugging her maklong (my mama). Right after her parent left, she's crying so loud. I was so panic (i always like that, gelabah jek..heh!!). After all, she's fine. Playing around tak hingat dunia..heh!! What i love the most bout Mia, she knows how to make herself happy. I can consider she as the creative darl. Her character, tomboyish yet manja..hee. I love that.

....rania allysha zuri azrin....

sweet like a princess ;)

This lil darl ok with us. We have been her babysitter for a week at Nenek Timah's home sweet home before she came to our house. When she arrived, kind of forgot about her mama. Nak pancing this darl, so easy. Just open channel 104 sehati berdansa, she will leka & dance around (konon2 samala mcm sazzy...hahaha). She love music so much especially lagu2 budak2 AF (i dont understand why..heh!!). The funny thing is, when she hear Stacy's song -pakai buang...she will says "papapapapa"..which part yg "papapapa" tu pun i tk tau...heh!! She is so "perempuan melayu terakhir"..sopan sgt2..when she speaks, uiishhh my brother boleh cair ok...hahahaha (his fav baby anyway). She has gone to pre-school even she's only 2years old (nk bg cerdik ckp mama dia...heh!!). My sweet lil darl ;) me, my sis dina & my bro shahir miss her so much..At one time, my sis want to get one of her cloth (nk buat peluk masa ilang rindu..hahaha) so sengal!!

I want to share some photos of this 2 lil darls during their day in my house

.....eating time.....

kalau dh namanya cucu atok kasim & nenek timah mmgla tk sah kalau tk mkn..

.....outdoor games....
football maniac..heh!!

.....membaca budaya kita....

the best part, when i snapped this photo, mia was looking at the gossip of ida nerina...kecil2 dh pandai gosip eh..heee stacko.....

.....mari mewarna....

rania tunjuk skill yg dia belajar kt pre-school la tu..heh!!

....lepaking session....

....sleeping beauty....

syoknya tidur, it's my time for facebook session..heh!!

Those are Rania's stuffs..I dont know why her mama (my acik) had to bring this 3 bags even she's just staying in our house half of the day..heh!! Baju jek 5-6 helai.When i be a mama, i'll know why..heh!! i guess..

Love this lil darls so much ;)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

dear diary : the intro

Let's talk about me..My fullname is NOORUL NADYA SHAHARUM..I love the spelling of my name, can be considered as unique, i guess..heee...Thank you ayah & mama for giving me such a wonderful name which means "CAHAYA YG MULIA"..mudah2an..Amin..I was born on 24th AUGUST 1983..I've got lots of nick name given by lovely people surrounds me..

SEPET - When i was a child, my family called me SEPET..because of my eyes "chinese look alike"

OSHIN - My mama's friends called me OSHIN (influenced by the popular Japanese series during that time)

NADYIE - When i was in Technical School (SMT Tanjung Puteri, JB),i'd got NADYIE as my's a long story..efa, narhana - i think only both of u knew the story..huh!!..hehee

ALONG - till today, my families call me ALONG..i'm the eldest & the 1st grandchildren for atok kasim & nenek timah..that's the reason why..

NADY - since Diploma ID till today..

NODY - nor & kak muna gave me this name when i'd been AZARCH INTERIORS's family..based on cartoon character i guess..heh!!

NAD - kak lina, abg zizul, kaf...simple & catchy

To all my friends & families, i'm happy to be a part of your life..No matter how many nicknames you want to give me, i'm grateful..I'm still waiting for someone who will call me NADYA.. childhood...fringe haircut heh!!...

...sepet~ayah's look alike...

...the eyebrow & moles~exactly the same with mama...

...nadya, diniah, shahir...


Friday, November 20, 2009

dear diary : i love my job ;)

It's been a year i've been a lecturer at UiTM Seri Iskandar. The profession that i've dreamt for a long time ago. People might says "eleh, baru setahun, kira setahun jagung lagi". It's true, no matter what, i must say that, lots of unforgettable experiences i've already get & i LOVE much ;)

2 semester i've been teaching 06 students. 2 different batches, 2 different character, 2 different pressure & happiness i've been through. This semester's students really push me till the limit. Me and the team: Abg Izack, Abg Nuar, Kak Yati, Haqqi, Abg Black (the best team ever) struggle really hard. Stay at the office till midnite for 4days..Just to make sure students completed their works successfully. Go here & there (i think i've lost a few kg..hahaha) pushing them just to make sure that they can deliver their best for the final. Luckily Mark Taylor (the external assessor) is a cool guy. Charming, softspoken & knowledgeable (how can i get one..hahaha). Alhamdulillah, everything was ended up successfully..TQ to my students for organising the BBQ event..

To my best team ever, tq very much for accepting me to be a part of the team. We share lots of experiences together. I've learnt to "cak-cak" with them. Of course at woo!! Really sempoi & cool..Eventhough we're under pressure..great great great moments ;) The best moment : stay at the office till the next morning & punch card awal gilee (6.30am)..hahaha...terpacak in front of Dr Sab's office at 8.00am with the completed LE..hebat2..heee...(tak mandi lagi masa tu..ok..heee)

To ID6C : Helmi, Ayol, Khairi, Aedil, Adam, Atlantuya, Hanif,Iwan, Sani, Alia kecik, Ida, Zubaidah, Anne, Nelli, Gone, Mek Dila, Orange, Mashi, Hafiza, Fazila, Maznie (will always remember her. I've been such a makcik2 look alike just because of her...membebel 24/7...hahahaha), Nadzmi, Nabilah, Aimi, Aqeelah, Nisha, Aisah, Shazyra, Faiz, Ikram, Tuan, Awal. Wish you all the best & have a brighter future..InsyaAllah..

After all that we've been through, what will happen to the upcoming semester...Will i stay with 06 ?? TUNNGUUUUU!!!!!Wherever i'll be, i promise to give my best & enjoy my teaching life...i am so in love with my job ;)

Sharing is caring, right?? Lets take a look at some photos during the "extremely busy" week during this semester. Enjoy!!

...The assessment day


...BBQ nite

....Hardcore moment



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