Friday, November 20, 2009

dear diary : i love my job ;)

It's been a year i've been a lecturer at UiTM Seri Iskandar. The profession that i've dreamt for a long time ago. People might says "eleh, baru setahun, kira setahun jagung lagi". It's true, no matter what, i must say that, lots of unforgettable experiences i've already get & i LOVE much ;)

2 semester i've been teaching 06 students. 2 different batches, 2 different character, 2 different pressure & happiness i've been through. This semester's students really push me till the limit. Me and the team: Abg Izack, Abg Nuar, Kak Yati, Haqqi, Abg Black (the best team ever) struggle really hard. Stay at the office till midnite for 4days..Just to make sure students completed their works successfully. Go here & there (i think i've lost a few kg..hahaha) pushing them just to make sure that they can deliver their best for the final. Luckily Mark Taylor (the external assessor) is a cool guy. Charming, softspoken & knowledgeable (how can i get one..hahaha). Alhamdulillah, everything was ended up successfully..TQ to my students for organising the BBQ event..

To my best team ever, tq very much for accepting me to be a part of the team. We share lots of experiences together. I've learnt to "cak-cak" with them. Of course at woo!! Really sempoi & cool..Eventhough we're under pressure..great great great moments ;) The best moment : stay at the office till the next morning & punch card awal gilee (6.30am)..hahaha...terpacak in front of Dr Sab's office at 8.00am with the completed LE..hebat2..heee...(tak mandi lagi masa tu..ok..heee)

To ID6C : Helmi, Ayol, Khairi, Aedil, Adam, Atlantuya, Hanif,Iwan, Sani, Alia kecik, Ida, Zubaidah, Anne, Nelli, Gone, Mek Dila, Orange, Mashi, Hafiza, Fazila, Maznie (will always remember her. I've been such a makcik2 look alike just because of her...membebel 24/7...hahahaha), Nadzmi, Nabilah, Aimi, Aqeelah, Nisha, Aisah, Shazyra, Faiz, Ikram, Tuan, Awal. Wish you all the best & have a brighter future..InsyaAllah..

After all that we've been through, what will happen to the upcoming semester...Will i stay with 06 ?? TUNNGUUUUU!!!!!Wherever i'll be, i promise to give my best & enjoy my teaching life...i am so in love with my job ;)

Sharing is caring, right?? Lets take a look at some photos during the "extremely busy" week during this semester. Enjoy!!

...The assessment day


...BBQ nite

....Hardcore moment


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