Friday, October 29, 2010

dear diary : ...children nowadays...

i always babysit my lil cousin (as you can see, lots of my previous post had been promoting them..heh!!)...our routine :: play @ tigu (rania said playground is tigu..heh!!) :: colouring session :: reading the flashcard :: watch tv @ youtube (child program..of cos..heh!!)..usually upin & ipin (i pon naik jelak ok..heh!!) i'm quite surprised cos they can follow every single dialogue from the series and even follow some action..i'm totally amazed..hee..really cute & funny.....sometimes, they even fight with each other (usually rania & danish) just because they want to watch the different series of upin & ipin..sorg nk nengok seri hantu durian..another one nk nengok yg ade lagu "tanam2 ubi" (if i'm not mistaken..heh!!) see..if i've told u..i pon dh tau ok..hahahaha...luckily we have more that one laptop at home (we used to be a student...that's laptop & dina's always jadik mangsa...heh!!)

even, i enjoyed watch for them..laughed louds...i realise something is not right...with this popular series...hmmm

let's discuss detail bout it ::UPIN & IPIN

the good one
  • the kampung scene : really good effort to give that kind of approach to kids, nowadays, they will know our roots..
  • the introduction of the traditional games : konda kondi, galah panjang, etc..most of kids dont even know all those traditional games...if u ask bout video games, paintball, etc...all in their fingertips..heh!!
  • the malay's culture : introduced the orchard for fruitpicking~durian, rambutan, mangosteen, etc...picnic at the river, waterfall....awesomeness 

the worst part
  • the language that has been used...too rough for kids, i using "aku kau"...i know they're trying to show the reality of malaysian life  but this is bout education...statement such as "aku sepak karang"..OMG!! can u imagine, my rania (3years old) might use this kind of language...ermmmm.....
  • most of the followers for this series are kids below 10years old (10years old and above lyn hi-school musical, justin bieber, they even know lady gaga as well..not appropriate at all...heh!!)...children from these ages (below 10years old) they will follow every single thing that they watch, listen...they love to explore & practice the lesson.
  • in term of language, yes!! they might follow 100%..some parent will scold their child if they heard those words..but when they're with their friends, without adults' monitor..that's so bad...they wanna show to their friends that they are up to date as well by using all those words..

kekusyukan melanda :: upin ipin session..heh!!

hmm..i hope, our tv station @ government, please do something...(wah cam isu dewan rakyat pulak dh) i'm telling the truth what obviously can be seen, the impact,children might get when they watch the series..we have a "bahasa budaya bangsa" campaign & "cintailah bahasa kita"..but then, it's not been used at all to educate kids...(tv program especially)...when i was a child, i'm grown up with the educational program & classical tv series :: cinderella, snow white, bambi, sesame street, si luncai, sang gelembai, badang, bawang merah bawang putih :: penuh dgn adat, budaya, bahasa yg puitis, gaya penceritaan yg sgt2 bagus (i adore so much)...all those wonderful story, inspired me to read novels from great author such as :: a.samad said, khatijah hashim, othman puteh, nicolas sparks, etc) i suka baca novel2 yg puitis bahasa & teliti penceritaannya..2thumbs up for a.samad said!! novel cintan2, sorila lyn...amat melekakn..heh!! i'm not saying that, i'm the good one, but at least i know which one is the best selection to get a knowledge & feel the wonderful experiences...

i'm concerned bout this matter ;) ;)
duhai bakal anak2 ku nanti, mohon maaf sekiranya mamamu ini amat cerewet sekali...
untuk kebaikan anak2ku juga ;)
(amacam, puitis tk..hahahaha)


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