Sunday, October 24, 2010

dear diary : how do i look :: being nerdy + innocent

yesterday, studio zero one had completed their final project presentation..fuh!! alhamdulillah...after i had been a "singa lapar" version....they managed to fulfil the requirement for the task..

so today, i've decided to go somewhere...
somewhere i could

...release my pressure...
...i could be a stylista..heh!!...
...i could keep my eyes open "cuci mata session" for shopping..heh!!...

i choose you..yeah!!

the main purpose, i was there, to find something for my sis's bday  (271010) the same time, i was looking for harem pant @ long skirt...but i failed to find those "a MUST" have item in my wardrobe..heh!! what did i get to replace the harem pant...


wondering, huh!!


yup......the powerless "nerdy" spec..heh!! for your info, i wish i was listed to be born to wear a spec....unfortunately, i am not..heh!! since i was a child i wanna wear a spec..i thought (during that time...even till now..heh!!) who ever wears a spec, seems like an intelligent's all about fashion....not the xpensive one..VINCCI mali woo..hee..i ulang alik 4-5 times just to find the right spec..heh!! i love this one so much...i think it suits me...what say you??

you know what, tonight in fashion police, the nerdy spec has been listed as "a MUST have item"..heee..unexpectedly....heee...

the nerdy glasses  (fashion police)

...even, your eyes're "sepet" also looks good in nerdy glasses...

therefore, i'm feeling good as well..hahahaha...(perasan kejap) la i mmg nk pakai spec...i always feel that i wear it...if u can realise this situation, my dear friends ( i always touch my nose, just like i'm wearing a spec..heh!! ~ ala2 mcm i nk betulkn spec i la..padahal tkde spec pon..tapi tangan i gatal nk tolak jugak "something naik ke atas~kt idung...heh!!) it's like a habit to me..heh!! sakitkn i ni...hee

i upload my photo, wearing this nerdy glasses in FB...some give their support...some, make it as a joke....heh!! it's not that easy to make people understand what am i doing...not all of us have a same, i'm cool with matter what, i loike my nerdy glasses so much ;) ;) ;)

my look @ penang :: just being me :: innocent looks ;)
top (korean boutique in kl) :: skirt (flea market the curve) :: gladiator (vincci~i loike so much) :: bag (pull & bear~feeling mcm gossip girl...heh!!)

(bgla i peluang nk berangan jadik model k..heee..lynkan jek)

conclusion :: be happy for being yourself & show your self-confident, so you won't feel weird, even people keep on looking at you 4-5times (mcmla u ni pesalah buat kes jenayah kan..heh!!) as long as you know your limit ;)



farahiyah zaini said... la nk comment ni..
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm specky??kalo u, seem like u look more mature la..

pas2 i tgk kan..specky like membuatkan yr eyes looks much more bigger that fine la..hee.. i tgk org pakai spec ni ade mcm2 style.. pade i u kne pakai not too near to yr eyes..ltk bwh ats idung sket..hehehehe..

no it true..pendapat i ni..u kne try okeh!!
slamat beramal!!hahaha

nadya shaharum said...

hahahahahha/...i loike the tips, partner...tqvm ;)

lately i'm so deeply in love with fashion..hee...since degree lagik i mmg minat...if u nk tau, mase degree i pakai tudung ikat cam bienda...hahaha..tapi ujung sem degree malas dh..pakai tudung bawal blik...sambung master, blaja skit2 from my fashion's friends...tapi tk berani sgt...
skarang...TTAARRRAAAAAAAAA...berani tk? hahahahahha....this is so me la partner...heee...u suke tk? heh!!

farahiyah zaini said...

hahahahahah..suke sgt..i would like to try sometime wearing cam hijab like that tp disbb kan i kan sini..hijab nk beli pon xder..pas2 muke dah la itam ala2 nk pakistan plak tu kan..mmg kalo pakai ni mesti teacher i xdpt bezakan student paki or msian..hahahhaha..

sini kan pakistan kan pakai tudung masyaAllah berfashion2.. pas2 kaler striking2 plak tu..beza ngn kulit..mmg fashion brani mati punye la..hehe..

one day i pon nk try pakai hijab gak lah..heee

nadya shaharum said...

yes!! welcome to the club, partner..i loike what u're wearing now...okla..u pon brani jugak ape...hee...anyway, i bei all the hijab bukan kt kedai tudung pon...i gi mane2 butik i gi serbu bhgn aksesori...i mmg membawa ajaran terpesong skitla...scarf tu depa buat lilit leher i dok pakai lilit kepale...ok kan...heee...i tk suke beli hijab kt kedai tudung (cos will look the same with others) heee...lagikpon pattern same jek..fabric i cam tk suke..heee...kalo bab komen kemain jek cik nadya shaharum ni..hee


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