Wednesday, October 27, 2010

dear diary : ...lucky...number two

family is priceless...the joy that u might feel when u're surrounded with ur family...well, i might say~ u might never imagine that...

full of  :: love :: encouragement :: happiness ::

no matter how busy am i, i will find the "one fine day" just to be with my you can see, (for my diehard fan (is there any??..heh!!), most of my posts showed how i spent the precious time with them...all of them are my mother's family...i'm so closed with them...therefore, everytime we're planning for a vacation, family will be my first choice to be my holiday's partner..yeah!!

this time, i would like to introduce my father's family...lots of them dad is the 4th member in his family with another 12 atok & nenek had passed away, in fact i haven't got a chance to get to know my grandpa...(he died for cancer before my dad got married)...the sadness part, when he died, my dad was in portsmouth, UK (furthered studies)...he managed to come back 2weeks after uncle said, if i wanna know how's my grandpa, take a look at my dad...almost the same :: their character :: face :: grandma passed away over 10years ago...a day before my dad's bday (31may)...pretty upset...i can't imagine how my dad felt during that time... :: a big family ;)... 
...let me introduce to you...

openhouse @ pak ndak's home sweet home @ rawang
i've told you :: such a huge family, kan?? hee...awesomeness!!

my dad's siblings :: pak cit, pak ndak, mak ndah, busu zana, mak long, pakcik dang, pakteh (my dad)
**mak bik & maklang not included**

let me introduce the "tuan rumah" :: my pak ndak,
the funniest person in our family

our fav aunty :: mak ndah
she had sacrificed  lots for the family..
mak ndah is the one who took care of our grandma
until the end of her life

mak long & half of her cucu...half ok!!
(manela my dad & mama tk sentap, adik beradik lain dh timang cucu...
anak die mcm tk paham2 jek pulak kan...heee..what to do..hmm)

cousin :: nephew ;)

my dad with his brothers ;)

...alhamdulillah, i'm so lucky for having such a great family :: mama's & ayah's
they're planning for the huge family gathering, end of this year...siap nk tempah dewan sume...wahh!! can't wait for that...


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