Friday, June 3, 2011

dear diary : ...ONE year...

helo helo
030610 :: braces in me *wink*
030611 :: it's been a year to be a "gadis besi" yg anggun..heh!!



any progress??
hmm..i might say yes
i've lost 3 gigi geraham..(bdk tk cukup gigi..heh!!)
no more "gigi arnab" (i'm so impressed)
dgn kegigihan Dr Lee yg sgt fatherly..mmg tabik dgn dentist sekalian
so far, i love to be a "gadis besi"
yup, my toothbrush is my another BFF....auuwww!!
i'm still giving an extra care for my teeths (mestilakn)
2 types of toothpaste :: whitening + fresh confidence ::
sorry everyone, if u've got to wait for another 20min while i'm in a bathroom @ toilet..heh!!
gigih menyental gigi2 ku...yeah!!
well, i think that i deserve for a great celebration
i'm here in desa permai..heh!!
celebrate la sorg2 T__T
will be a "gadis besi" for another 1 1/2 years....yeahh!!!!

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