Thursday, May 20, 2010

dear diary : i need a break!!!!!!

i'm still in perak (gosh!! tired)...keje was quite ok..but seems like it's the non-stop session..maybe my mind setting~semester break~i need a break too, put aside all those works for awhile..heh!! however, it wasn't like that..fuh!!!!!!!! fuh!!!!! fuh!!!!! jampi here and there...this sem, timetable~alhamdulillah, i've completed it earlier (even it might be a prob lil bit, sooner..heh!!..takpe, janji rizalina do her job without asking me to do so..heh!!)..ingat jadual dh settle okla kan, sekali OBE pulak menyusul...gosh!! it's been a year, OBE stuffs still the big issues we need to settle down..fuh!!!!! fuh!!!!! fuh!!!! another jampi...takpe2, i still can tolerate, demi pn ramlah tercinta (motherly & teach us one by one how to do okla, ade guider baik punye..heee) week k, another 2days OBEing...

wajah ini bukti that "i need a break" hahahahaha

june : i need a break!! hopefully bigboss tk ganggu la my's my plan for my cuti2 session :

1)  shopping with sis & bro...yeah!!!
2)  zoo trip with rania & my dina ;)
3) JUNE : ayah's bday & father's day ;)
4)  sunway lagoon with sis & bro (outdoor & indoor games jek ok...main air tkmo..heee)
5)  full of intention from mama ayah (manja darl ok...heh!!)
6)  hang out with my love one (fisya, kak cha)
7)  bon voyage party to farahiyah ( ke??..heh!!)
8)  continue reads my love theraphy : let love in ;)
9)  "sepet" session~full house, rainism, etc..heh!!
10)  i need a spa treatment (gosh when will i get one..fuh!!)
11) gadis besi!!
12) family gallery for atok kassim & nenek timah
13) miss fit ;) the real one..heh!! (5kg..a MUST!!!)

the lists are such a great plan...hope i can manage to do everything i've planned for...JUNE, still counting days..heh!!

hopefully i can be that happy...sengih sakan ni...heh!!

for now, avoid to think about OBE, cos next week, i akan mengadap OBE for 2days..heh!! so mari kite godek2 internet dulu..heee ;)



nanna zabar said...

fuh fuh fuh...nanna tolong jampikan jugak k...and dont forget to clear ur diary for august plak k.....k, k...tau tau...kena tau

nadya shaharum said...

hyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......of cos bebeh...august, just for u, fisya, kak cha...cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dh bosan tahap gaban dh ni..heh!! bnyak nk story mory...heee

f!sy@fadzil said...

yeay!!! Nanna- August is waiting u here!! Boleh celebrate Nanna's & Chah's belated burfday and Nady's in August jgak!

nadya shaharum said...

and for u too, upcoming bday & mama wannabe very soon ;)


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