Sunday, August 8, 2010

dear diary : one step ahead ;)

...hello everyone...this weekend is one of the best ever...when u're surrounded with your love one :: HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY :: feels like home ;) but then, early in the morning (today), had a breakfast with family @ lesung batu (kak min's greenish restaurant)...then, i'm back to my normal life...huhuhu!! alone..heh!!

let's share the stories ;)

my sis graduation day

no matter what, you look stunning, sis ;)

i was trying to put some make up..but then, still looked the same..heh!! rase2 dh cukup tebal dh tu (what i was thinking la..heh!!) i woke up at 4.20am ok just to prepare those make up for me & sis..hahahaha...sgt tk berbaloi...conclusion : we dont need a maka up, tq ;)

familia ;)

just three of us ;)
the macho one :: the manja one :: the smiley one (ye ke..heh!!)

this pose : is a MUST for convocation moment...heh!!!

however, students pharmacy & ID are totally contrast their character ok..i was waiting for almost half an hour, just to convince them that they're awesome to act like that (in the photos)..mmg malu2 kucing la sume2 ok..kalo sorg dua ke i pahamla jugak kan..heh!! now i realised, even my sis yg sgt2 baik among 3 of us..but she can be considered as the most sengal one among her friends..heh!! (u can imagine that her other friends much much baikla ok..hee)

the presents...there're others too but not inclusive in this photos..heh!!

not from her bf (mcm org2 lain selalu dpt kan..heh!!) but from her juniors's a gile!! when i was graduated long time ago (mcm dh lame gile jek ek..heh!!) none of my juniors pon yg buat camtu...even i baik dgn diorg pon..hmm...what to do..heee...tkpela..almost 5years dh pon..

newly pair for sis (semangat nk gi keje..heh!!)


congratz to my dear, diniah shaharum...welcome to the workaholic world k...alhamdulillah, me & dina have completed our (need motivation to open up my heart to further my studies soon...hmm...buka sikit demi sikit..amin)...

MY DEAR shahir shaharum...we'll wait for your graduation day 4years from now..good luck bro..AJA AJA FIGHTING

sila cari gadis "kanak2 riang ini" di farmasi berhampiran dgn anda...(hospital la tapi..heh!!)


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