Tuesday, August 10, 2010

dear diary : explorace @ extra tired..heh!!

yesterday's program : IDXPLORACE 2010...it's a good effort from ID Department, to form us as a family...have a great relationship better lecturers and students...seniors and juniors...etc...getting close with each other and learn to develop the communication skills and learn to work in a team, learn about leadership...all the objectives are really good to bring the unity in ID world...

it's remind me when i was studied in uitm s.alam (when i was a PART 01 students~diploma) back to June 2001...there's the BRAINSTORM event for every thursday...handled by our seniors..lots of program had been organised (games actually)...it's develop our creativities and we learned how to be more confident and get the opportunity to get close with our seniors..cos in university, u cant aspect your lecturers will give you everything...you need to search for the knowledge..lecturer just give you the guides..so the best references after lecturer and books, will be the seniors...

back to IDXPLORACE, 2 thumbs up for the efforts and enjoyment..however, the organiser need to be more well organised after this (part 03 this sem, get ready for next sem k)..it's ok, i can understand that they'd been given this task for last minute from IDEAS...but still managed to organise it..that's can be consider as a good job...since this is the 1st time it had been held..ok..GOOD JOB PART 04!! i'm personally think that, it's the way for me to get close to my students...get to know them in person..not only as a student in class but their characters as well..

actually it's the MENTOR MENTEE's program...lecturer as MENTOR while students as the MENTEEs...however, i'm not really satisfied with the group arrangement..cos they had been divided into PART..so if you're the PART 01 student, you'll be in PART 01 group only with your MENTOR...i think they need to mix it up..so that, lecturers and students can be more closer and get to know each other better..eventhough they're not in the same batch...the juniors and seniors can build their relationship..easier for them to ask for helps & etc..anyway...cant comment more bout it cos yg uruskn susunan group ni lecturer jugak..heh!! so terima aje seadanye ok..heh!!

masing2 kelihatan poyo menyusun strategi tuk menang..heh!!

ucapan perasmian dr lecturer paling popular : en azizul

first games : jigsaw puzzle..here's my mentees showed they skill..AJA AJA FIGHTING

at first, i wished to follow them to the next checkpoint..but then, they ran so fast...tk terkejar i ok...heh!! at last, i stayed at the dewan..borak2 with the organiser (part 04 students) while waiting for my team..

here's the end product...colourful sungguh!!

part 03 : kanak2 ribena version...they make me happy all the time..tq so much dear ;)

1st place : DATO nordin's team
runner up - Cik yati's team

(both team mmg tk aci cos diorg part 06, they know every place all around uitm..mmgla bleh menang..heh!!)

2nd runner up - DR HALIM's team

guess my team??


2nd last ok..heee...at least they managed to complete all the 6 tasks given....the efforts that count...2 thumbs up!!

finally, the event was ended up with the ID CLAP (the tradition) and the karaoke session by PART 04-DALI...i cant believe it when he sang a song by SLAM (if i'm not mistaken)..lagu rancak okla lagik..tapi lagu putus cinta ok...hahahahahahaa..mmgla tk sesuai..then, he asked everybody to sing along..haiya!! budak2 tu sume remaja2 era barula...depa lyn bunkface, lady gaga..hahahahaha...then, our popular "singer" AIZAT pon tknk kalah..nk jugak tunjuk bakal....sang AIZAT's song-PERGI...mmg suara die sedap pon..so okla...

that's the uniqueness for being in ID department...not just focusing on studies but develop the other skills through different activities...good job yet to be more organised...

PART 03 this sem...are you ready for this challenge??
more great program for IDxPLORACE next sem ok!!


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