Tuesday, August 24, 2010

dear diary : i'm officially 27th!!

24th august ~ my birthday...and i'm a virgo darl ;)

for this year, i'm officially 27th babe!! do i still need a birthday party?? hahaha..too matured for that..for my birthday, i'm wishing to :: be happy as i am :: stay healthy and always be miss fit :: full of loves~tq my family, my BFFs, my friends, my students for keep on giving me love without fail :: my dear SEPET, i'm waiting for you ::

alhamdulillah, since last night till now, i've received 123 bday wishes..tq tq tq tq tq so much for such a sweet & meaningful wishes from all of you..tq for accepting me as part of your life ;)

the most memorable moment for today, this morning, while i was busy setting up the lcd projector with my lappy for today's lecture (part one)..suddenly, the whole class was silence...kind of weird cos usually, they were non-stop talking and talking and talking till i asked them to be silence...heh!!

tetibe, berkumandang suara2 lunak my student in the whole tec214: "cik nadya"~ selamat hari jadi..selamat hari jadi..selamat hari jadi tuk miss nadya...selamat hari jadi...

oh dear part 01, so sweet of you...reminded me to my childhood..hee...so, i can always be forever 21 if till my 27th bday pon, i can still hear the bday song..sweet!! hee

no matter how matured i wanna be, i'm having the childish side of me that keep on pushing me to ask for a birthday cake..a slice of it, more than enough...anyone wanna offer me for a slice of choc cake?? hee...

i'm sure, takde org yg sudi nk bazir duit semata2 nk melayan kerenah i yg childish ni kan..so i pon belila sendiri choc cake for myself..heh!!

secret recipe, so far away from my place..malas gile nk pergi..heh!!
so i bought this choc cake kt bazaar ramadhan ( i fall in love with a lil boy who was helping her mom at this gerai..heee..sgt2 rajin ok...bleh buat menantu..hahahaha)kuih2 mmg sedap kt gerai tu..
this cake..not bad la..
dont compare it with choc fudge secret recipe la kan..melampau sgt...

this weekend, will treat myself for the real birthday heaven dessert..yum yum...heh!! (oh dear i'm in diet)

ID1C, after ID's class, after dh kene bebel, they can still shows the happy faces..janji keje siap..heh!!

...i've lost 5kgs..yes!! my aim : successfully achieved
:: miss nady :: miss fit ::



sara said...

wow...finally...i have some additional blog to read..love it..keep on..mst ko terkejut aku tetibe muncul..yo laa..den baru2 jo blaja bende intenet ni sume..anyway..da lame x jumpeee...-sara

nadya shaharum said...

sara?? sarawati ke?? hee...welcome to internet world?? heee...sudi2la bg komen kt blog saye k...


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