Tuesday, September 7, 2010

dear diary : counting days ;)

i wanna wish

bon voyage

:: farahiyah ::
:: syahir ::
:: aiman ::
:: nadiah ::

welcome to UK ;)
good luck for ur studies
have a safe journey
just believe that, u're the chosen one to be there
makes malaysian proud with your successful achievement ;)
(amanat cam nk gi panjat gunung pulak dh..heh!!)


this is the time to be independent..all by yourself ;)
travel as many places as you can..a MUST!!
just be yourself & build your self confidence
insyaAllah u'll be just fine
be friendly to others
dont be too shy with those mat saleh...believe that u're better @ same with them
show your potential ;)

you guys really remind me to my journey of life
once upon a time, when i was in UK
truly madly deeply 
missed UK so much ;)

someday, i'll be there

i'll pray for ur successful journey in studies & future
take care & be good 
remember, Allah always there for you..
just go for it, no matter how hard it would be
cos, u have made your choice
trust me, it will end up with the wonderful & unforgettable experiences
no one could imagine ;) 

i'm so proud with all of u ;)

jal jinaeseyo :: all the best
yeoro gagiro gomawoyo :: thank you for everything, for the memorable moment, for accepting me to be as part of you as your lecturer ;) great experiences ever

(lynkn jekla, i baru nk belajar bahasa korea, so feeling2 skit..heh!!)

dont forget, salam perantauan dlm paper k...hahahaha
(i potong muke u all buat frame..heh!!) especially if u mention my name..hahahaha..



farahiyah zaini said...

suke la nk bg org dpt heart attack bkk2 je yr blog partner.. terkejut dengar lagu korean..dah cam feeling ade kt korea dh haa..

nway hahahhaha cilok gambar dr album helmy.. hahahah..

tsktsktsk tears drop ;(.. im gonna missed u partner..thank u for everything..
-for support me
-for helping me through out the whole process
-for yr time
-for being my lecturer as well as my friend ;D
-for the advice
until im here at this point that i myself couldn't imagine i can do without yr help..

hugssss n kiss from me.. tke cre partner in crime ku..;P

nadya shaharum said...

dear partner :: touching gile ur comment ;) i'm gonna miss u, a million times...huuhuhuhu

it's a journey of life..gonna be a great experiences..i promise!!

take care..u know i love u ;)


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