Thursday, August 11, 2011

dear diary : ...a shoulder to cry on...

tq mama
u'll always be the best partner for me
U always be right by my side
U give a shoulder to cry on
U comfort me

yup, i know
i'm the eldest in my family
yup, i'm independent, tough (bkn macho ye tapi berjiwa kebal), serious, responsible
and semua ciri2 anak sulongla kn 


there's certain things that
i cant avoid to be such a mama's girl
the truth is, ya, saya mmg anak yg manja
eventhough ayah mama have taught me to be a survivor
i can't deny the other side of me
which need an "intention"...more to encouragement, support, motivation

mama will be the chosen one
if i need "that" the most
once i've got it, peaceful in my mind, alhamdulillah
i've got a chance to think wisely
without relates it too much with emotion

tq mama
i love you
forever will be


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