Wednesday, August 17, 2011

dear diary : do i look :: hijab style ::

halu halu my gorgeous readers ;)
it's been such a very long time
i haven't update any new style of mine (kununla)

so today
i'm feeling so great
alhamdulillah :: no more demam2
lovely chat session with my sweetheart, last nite *love u, baby*
so bangun pg tadi, semangat waja sungguh...hehehe


i've got a super duper "crazy" thing to do
"mengadap dpn cermin"
memusing2kn hijab ni ke sana ke mari..heh!!
letih jek rehat jap...pastu sambung blik..heh!!


here's the final one
which i think

not bad at all

am i right?? hehehe

lynkn jekla
bile kesengalan i dh melanda
cam gini la ye ;)

*sori k, kualiti gamba tk seberapa, hp tk canggih...heh!!
gambar atas :: versi feeling comel..heh!!
gambar bwh :: versi feeling ayu..heh!!


so, my dear readers (kalaula ade...hehe)
let's join the crit session ;)

what say you??
do i look great with the new style?
@ do i need to remain with the previous one?

give ur comment, pleaseeee *wink*


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