Friday, August 12, 2011

dear diary :...lebih memahami...

lately i felt so weird
sometimes i think
i'm acting like a child

after i've got a different perception from
these two wonderful people
now i know
i'm getting used to it
benar2 memahami

eventhough my situation is different
everything that's happened to me
is the FISRTtime
so, when the FIRSTtime words come in my life
i'm expecting something to be
"full of surprises"

which in reality
it wont happen in the same time
sgt2 jarang
that's life
i cant argue for more

after i've been thinking bout it
i've decided to understand more
be more realistic
go go go away the "dunia khayalan"
kerna ia boleh mengecewakn

i'm more than grateful...
after almost 28years i've been waiting
he is here
right by my side
giving his LOVE
for every single day

tq sweetheart

i love u more
and i meant it


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