Thursday, August 11, 2011

dear diary darl...


you're the best i've ever had
i love u, darl
eventhough, u're khaalish henshem's mum
u still have time for me
be my great listener
ok ok..not exactly a "listener"
how bout a great "surat cinta" reader?? "rare" skit bunyik kn..hehehe
(remember our love letters moment when i'm in UK 3years ago)
u're my life partner..
when i'm lonely
when i'm cengeng sorg2
u always give a big hug (pokpok) walaupun jauh

u know how to make me feel better
tq darl
i love u
so muchhhhhhhh
you will always be my darl..forever
k-e pon tk boleh nk marah..sori sweetheart..hehe


hey hey YOU...the negative thinking
please go go away..shuuhhshhuuhh (mcm tu ke bunyik nk halau?? heh!!)

ok sudah tenang
smiling again


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