Wednesday, August 3, 2011

dear diary : ...august is here again!!

you're so special for me 

hey hey my dear AUGUST
u're here again

it's a fasting month
:: the sweetest moment ::
i'm celebrating this Ramadhan
as someone's fiancee

eventhough, its still the same
buka puasa sorg2, sahur sorg2
but the feeling's totally different
cos even we're quite far from each other
but i know, there's someone out there
who always think bout me *wink*
who always care for me
who always reminds me to wake up for sahur (i slalu minum air jek but now dh mule mkn sahur, roti pon ok kn?? hehe)
who always be your morning alarm for sahur @ subuh
~i pon jadik morning alarm si dia~
who always keep in touch with you, just to know, how am i doing today
(oh dear, supersweet of u~~)

this year will be the last Ramadhan
i will celebrate as a single lady
:: uishhhhhhh!! such a dream ::

yes i am ;);)
tq sweetheart for coming into my life
i love you more & more everyday
tq so much Allah for such a wonderful gift
he's the best for me, syukur ~~

sayang, selamat berbuka today
ptg main badminton ye...fighting my dear!!
if u win, next date~seoulgarden is on me, awak mknla bnyak mane pon


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