Thursday, August 4, 2011

dear diary : ...LIFE...

i'm the one who keep on blaming myself
keep on questioning bout my life
keep on comparing to others,
 how lucky they are for meeting someone in a very short time

now i realise
how lucky i am
the grateful life i have
becos of the long of waiting
it's totally worth it
Ya Allah!! saya amat bersyukur dgn ketentuanMu
Benar2 bersyukur

to my dear friends
who always ask bout theirs
i might say this,
just wait for that moment
i cant easily describe
how am i getting so fast to settle down with my life
the truth is, it's nothing to do with "the desperado feeling"
@ main redah jek..such a BIG NO for that!!!
when u've met the right person
on the right time
then, u know that's the moment
you feel that u're ready...
ready for having a truelove
ready to share everything
ready to be in tears & happiness together
ready to sacrifice anything
ready to give your love & receive love from him
for every single time

alhamdulillah, i'm glad cos i've met my Mr Right!!
helo sweetheart ~~ you're the lovable one

i'll always pray for my friends
the time will come soon
if i've a happy life
i'm sure u will too
Allah itu Maha Adil
bersabar & terus bersabar
tenang & just go through with your life
jgn terlalu merancang @ push yourselves
cos it might hurts u
let it come naturally

ye saya tau, org boleh kata
"eleh, ckp senangla"
but, i'm telling the true stories of mine
cuma ye saya akur, tk boleh nk samakn
kehidupan saya dgn yg lain kn??
but it's not impossible

saya pasti & yakin pd ketentuan Allah
anda juga perlu begitu
kerna telah dinyatakan, jodoh pertemuan itu
Allah telah tentukan
cuma usaha & sabar menanti

tq Allah


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