Saturday, October 1, 2011

dear diary : ...update :: peach & turquoise ;)


doorgifts~fully completed

mama, muahzzzzzz skit!!
siyus, i need a big hug from u
*manja mode,sile jgn geli ok*

:: keep on counting ::


another 3m 21d~weehhuuu!!

lots more to do
cuak cuak
i'm so happy
cos all the w-preparation i manage to do it myself...alhamdulillah 
the encouragement from mama nenek dina
the full of loves from my sweetheart
~~jatuh hati hari2~~

~my dear mama~
i'm so grateful for having you
the best mama ever!!!!!!!
you've done so much to make sure the best for me
tq so much..xoxoxo

dont worry mama
everything will be just fine

i dont ask for a grand ceremony
just a simple & sweet one
just like my engagement ceremony ;)

as long as everyone happy
my families happy
i'm happy
my lovely future hubby happy
my family in law happy
~that will be more than enough~

mama sgt2 sweet

tq mama
i loveeeeeeee u so muchhh

my dear january
*cant wait to meet u soon *


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