Wednesday, October 5, 2011

dear diary : ...untitled...

at the beginning
i was quite worried
why eh??
tetibe mcm lain gile
serious semcm jek..heh!!
did i do anything wrong?
am i too selfish?


then i knew why
i felt mad lil bit
yes i did!!
cos thru the phone
the only ways for us to keep in touch
to express our feeling
to care for each other
suddenly, becos of their prob
we've got to sacrifice pulak!!
dhla kite rindu gile kt die
since he was insanely bz
so i'm just waiting for the right time
yg bleh nk borak2 manja *kununla..heh!!
tetibe tk boleh pulak

cengeng kejap
but then
after i've been thinking bout it wisely
ok, i got it
give them some space to settle theirs
who knows one day they will understand ours
but i truly hope we dont have to face that kind of situation
super scaryyyyyy!!

and you
my sweetlove
you always know
how to make me feel better & better
nasib pulak saye cepat reda
kalo saye jenis yg emo 24/7..pengsan ok!!
saye pon tkmo mcm tu....letih maa

one thing for sure
u're so kind, sayang
sanggup sacrifice tuk org lain
sungguh comella busyukkkkk!!

tq sayang for feeling so grateful for having me in your life
tq for loving me..endlessly~
that's all i need the most from you ;)
  yes!! i love you forever
i mean it~

long distance relationship is not that easy ok!!
sometimes, a silly thing pun boleh jadik isu
bahaye ok!!
in my relationship
we're trying our best to avoid from all those things
kalau ada isu, cepat2 settle
bukan saye nk ckp, perfect gile relationship kitorg ni
tidak sama sekali

one thing for sure
you & me :: try to understand each other, be supportive,loving and caring
trust each other, well!! 

saye sudah tenang
dh gelak2
sengih sampai telinga


duhai cinta hati saye
awak sgt sweet ok!!

it's time to have a wonderful dream~
goodnite everyone ;)


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