Sunday, October 9, 2011

dear diary : ...getting a new spirit..yeahhh!!...

helo everyone!!
i'm ready
to be
a new
miss nadya
to rock my working life

here's the reason why~~
a new makeover for my office
the size is too small..heh!! so tk dpt nk makeover beriya sgt
just rearrange the furniture & clean up everything
yg penting i ade tikar baru ~ turquoise color..auwww!!
sgt2 suke *wink*

here's the new corner that i love
(selain drpd the wall of fame fully covered with postcards)
yup!! i'm so in love with student yg buat model sungguh2
akn dipamerkn dlm mini galeri saye ini ;)


i'm ready!!
150% ready
to enjoy my working life
eventhough, ade few things yg mengganggu fikiran saye lately
dush!! dush!! dush!! go go away

i'm still in love with my job
having a great sis in my office...
& few others yg ok jugak
i'm so grateful
so, i'm doing my works...just ignore all those silly things
& be happy ;)

semangat waja gi keje esok
oh yeah!!
perlu ade imej baru juga...ahha!!

psssttttt :: ade yg mohon ade pantry ye...hmm...gigih pikir kt mane nk letak...


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