Sunday, June 27, 2010

dear diary : healthy diet a.k.a makanan org malas...heh!!

dear everyone, have u eat your lunch? yup yup yup..what was it?? McD Big Mac? Nasi kerabu? spaghetti? nasi ikan keli goreng cili, sayur taugeh masak lomak? wah!!!! i love food so much..i was born in a big family both side of my melaka pulak tu..kalau bab makan mmg lemau grandma such a great cook...classic style..sekali masak..bawang seguni pon tk cukup ok..heh!! dgn lada lagik..pedas tk hingatla kan..tapi i tetap tk mkn pedas...heee...tapi dek kerana nenek timah i yg masak...tolak tepi bab pedas tu..mama mmg pewaris yg superb!! great cook as well..asam pedas, nasi ayam, mee kari, mee siam, pizza, marble cake, choc chip, choc cake...wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! lapau pulak hah...hahahahaha

i've told you..mmg superb kan..sume tu homemade ok...sakit2 pinggang la jugak..
but worth it!!

today's i wanna share something...i love to eat malaysian food..however, i wanna change my food style..heh!! i rase dh bertimbun2 lemak yg terkumpul in my body...heh!! bleh ke camtu?? since i can't eat something that difficult to chew..alternative please!!!!!!! i wanna be healthy yet kenyang..this upcoming semester's gonna be the busiest moment ever..maybe i cant even find my proper lunch time..heh!!  so i need to prepare something at home as the bekal la kan...hmm...

i come out with this one..healthy food ke ni? hee...rupe mmg tkde tapi quite ok..cos i love sandwich so much..yum yum...ditabur pulak dgn 1000 island..mmg superb (that one not too healthy...bnyak kolesterol tu...heeee)

how bout dessert?? i mmg after mkn mesti nk bende manis2...i love dessert so much...anything to do with choc..u name it!! (rasenye sume2 pon i ckp, i love so much kan?? hahahahahaha)..dulu2 mase fisya stayed with me, it's a MUST to have TROPHY choc ice cream...heee...untung kedai rahmath ok!! 2 hinggit fav ni..dulu2..hee

 but now, here's my new dessert




yup, kiwi miwi....yum yum!!

to make it looks like i'm eating my ice cream, here's the way to eat my kiwi miwi...hee..ok tk?? so bye2 to sundae choc McD..cos kiwi miwi, really awesome!!

how's that?? ok tk my healthy diet?? i aim to eat rice only twice a week...before this almost everyday i mkn's me..for all of u, enjoy with any food u're eating..cos i use to love all those foods too..cume, i need to change lil bit ;) who knows, later i'll back to my old time eating habit..heee ;)

enjoy your lunch ;)



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