Tuesday, November 8, 2011

dear diary : ...update :: peach & turquoise ;)

just wanna share what i've been doing lately
during my lil hols ;)

it's all bout my w-day
lots of preparation had been done
mama super happy
saya juga
jatuh cinta lagi & lagi & lagi
*terbang melayang2*

yg paling2 terharu
my dear families
join together
buat meeting AJK
tq so much paklang for being a great planner
i'm just doing the paperworks & checklist
everybody takes part...gives ideas..lot of it
sgt2 membantu ;);)

tq so much everyone
saye sgt2 sayang anda2 sume ;)

here's my room
mcm stor kn??
i just love it!!


my sweetlove
when i'm busy with all the preparation
the only thing that i think the most
is YOU


i do love u so muchhhhhhh!!
i wont stop, baby!!

u make me feel wonderful
every day, sweetheart
tq my love ;)


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