Friday, November 18, 2011

dear diary : ...a million thanks....

tq Allah
for giving me such a wonderful BFFs ever
how lucky i am for having them to be as part of my life ;)

my dear

kak cha

i love u so much
friendship will be nothing without you
you give me such an amazing moment
eventhough, u're not around
but by knowing tht u're always be there for me, invisibly
alhamdulillah, i feel happy all the time

it's ok, my dear BFFs
i know, u cant be here
helping me for all the w-deco @ be my personal supporter
when i'm totally down down down in here
i know, whenever i need you, without fail
you will always give your supports & encouragements
that's more than enuff my dear
you always keep in touch
asking whether i'm ok with all the w-preparation
volunteering to help me for doing anything
oh dear!! supersweet of you
it's ok, alhamdulillah
so far, i'm doing just fine
i still can manage to handle all the lil thingy in here
all i need is just a supports & loves from you non-stop
*hamboi demand..hehehe*
and i get it for every single time
tq my BFFs

siap baca my blog to get to know tht i'm doing fine
sweet sgt2 ;)

i love you...forever will

sungguh terharu
ada kwn yg sgt2 baik mcm ni
saya sentiasa doakn hanya yg terbaik tuk mereka


i need a big hug right now

*rindu...really much*


pssstttttt ~ saye tau kak cha bz dgn baby nuha
tapi jauh di sudut hati kak cha, sentiasa mengingati saya
tq so much kak cha


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