Sunday, July 17, 2011

dear diary : ...sessi berangan2...

:: home sweet home ::

:: aishhhhh!! tangan dh gigil2 nk design my own home sweet home ni ::
full of
:: frames :: painting :: cushions :: mini collection ::
:: comfy :: modern :: classic ::



Anonymous said...

Hello Cik Nadya.

I see a lot of turqoise there! HIHI. Anyways, I pun pernah ada entry macam ni, but it was for my room. But one thing that I still remember Ummi I selalu cakap;

'Money can build a house, but not a home.'

So, good luck to Cik Nadya on building your dream house and most importantly, home! :)

nadya shaharum said...

well, once u're in your designer's world, u cant avoid urself from being too ambitious @ amiming for something yg kalo org ckp "berangan mat jenin jekla" heh!!

yup...i dont need a huge size of house @ a penthouse @ even a bungalow etc...if i can get juat a small room, i'll create it to my comfort zone..the home sweet home, definitely....tenangnye jiwa dpt mcm tu...hmmm (sambung berangan balik) hehe


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