Wednesday, July 13, 2011

dear diary : ...mood board...

halu halu everyone
i'm so in a mood to share something with u

the mood board
for the w-day
oh dear!! i'm so in love
*wink* again..hehehe
see, i've told u..mmg i rasa mcm sweet jek today
hahahaa (tergedik skit..heh!!)

so, what say u??
cun tk the color combination??
turquoise :: peach :: cream

cant wait to get back home very soon!!
wanna share this and that with mama & asyookk!!

my dear january :: come to me pleaseeee!!

* my love ~ anda penyumbang utama pd kegigihan saya..tq sayang*
i love u more and more everyday, sweetheart *wink*



liyanna said...

I bet its gonna be one awesome wedding :)

Reen Husnal said...

oh wow wow .
can't wait for d day hihi

nadya shaharum said...

adeh malu sudah..adik maneh udah bace blog ini ke?? hehehe...halu2 adik maneh

Iskandar Al-Haziq said...

This is lovely.

I like the colour combinations of turqoise, peach / coral pink and cream. Somehow it reminds me of those beach weddings at St. Tropez, France. Very cooling, lay-back and lively. Ahh.

Im excited!

nadya shaharum said...

OMG!! did mention france?? oh oh oh!! tetibe feeling mcm minah saleh celup ok..hehehe...well, it's not that easy to find the perfect colour...cos i love coloursssssss so much...poning2...
btw, tq haziq...u'll be my guest k..hey, if u have any idea, just let me know, designer ;) i do love ur style ok!!


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