Sunday, July 10, 2011

dear diary : ...cute...

here's something i wanna share
which i might use for my turquoise & peach day *wink*
full of surprises..huh!!!

:: pinkish lantern ::

 :: plywood dollhouse ::

yeah i know it's from COTTON ON KIDS....but i love it so much...ok ok, it's not 100% for me..i will give it to my lil girl one day...definitely!!
but i've got an idea that i can use it for my big day *wink*

whatelse that i need??
a guest book @ wishcards??
a huge frame..jeng jeng jeng
lantern @ flower (paper) in turquoise
wow wow wow
super duper excited
just wait & see ok ;);)
wish me luck
my dear january..i'm counting days to meet you
very soon!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

By looking at those, I bet this going to be the most adorable wedding, InsyaAllah!

Doa dipermudahkan everything for Cik Nadya! :)


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