Sunday, July 11, 2010

dear diary : summer time ;(

summer's everywhere..even arabian country is facing this situation ~ really hot weather, 45 - 47 degrees...heh!!...dear nanna, i'm thinking of u ;) is yemen extremely hot like other countries? dugaan Allah swt..when we think about it, it's all about us who are the main users in's our responsibilities anyway..we celebrate the EARTH DAY & etc but are we really take it seriously @ we're just a follower..yeah! it seems so cool to join the world event like this..turn off the electricity for an hour...then?? partying tk ingat dunia..heh!! modern life...modern life...sick of it!! too minded..what so ever..heh!! (intro the insaf version)

malaysia, it's not a huge prob anyway..having the hot weather all the in seri iskandar ( the 2nd hottest city in malaysia) heh!! dugaan Allah swt...

it's a MUST to have.......

1) uv protection moisturiser-i'm using nutri metics product..worth it!! (promote baik punye..heee)

2) whitening lotion..kulit makin hitamla kan...need to avoid it!!

3) office outfit (baju kurung la kan...heh!!) cotton cotton cotton...

4) shoes~gladiator sandal ;)

5) shade...aviator style...hahahaha (alasan ok)

6) music ~ pop & rnb...dancemusic..cheers up my life...i love the soulful music, but not for now...cos when i'm facing the hot weather while listerning to the dancemusic, wah!! mcm tenang skitla dr pressure..heh!! (bleh ke camtu)

7) air-cond ~ tukang betulkn electricity in my office, please do something k..air cond~useless..heh!! studio pon tkde aircond ok..they just provide all those wires but still~useless...heh!! in the studio with 120 students, giving a lecture to them with only 6 fans..heh!! cukupnyeeeeee...saba saba (dugaan Allah swt)

8) need someone to talk to...heh!! i love to share lots of bestfriends aren't around me...solution : fb, handphone...(still not the same) heh!! that's why, i'm missing my darl, kak cha, nanna, my partner, ana, orked, nisa, sis, mama, acik, nenek, rania, ...huhuhuhu

gossiping~laughing~sushing~karaoke'ing~shopping~eating choc ice cream : full of loves

oh! dear august, please come to me...i need the one fine day ;)

till me meet again ;)

mama & sis : best ever ;)

family ;)

gladiator sandal ;) hahahaha

no matter what, i'm still appreciating my life ;) will always make sure that i'm always in a happy mode..alhamdulillah, even how pressure am i with overload of working stuffs & etc, i'll try to find some interesting things to do..

tq to my sis : for introducing me to the sepet world..awesome!!
to my dear students : tq so much, for cheering up my life ;)  

the pink color : showing the wonderful life i'm having now...hee...hope it'll last for a long time ;)


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